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Android mobile app development is at the core of our business and we understand what it takes to produce the ideal Android app.

Klika teams use cutting edge technology and the most optimal development practices to create industry-leading mobile application software, while providing full-cycle development services, including concept research, UX/UI design, fast prototyping, programming, testing and support.

We have built B2B, B2C and B2E Android apps for clients across industries, including Spiro, SkiData and others. Android apps developed by Klika support major functionalities, integrate with backend systems and third parties and can scale to millions of customers.

Besides supreme and unique UX/UI design, we also tackle challenges, such as:

- Device and screen compatibility
- Performance and memory optimization
- Battery consumption
- Network utilization

Comparative agility
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Expertise we offer

UX/UI design

To provide for supreme user experience, we built a dedicated Android team that understands mobile app development through and through and is capable to adapt modern user experience and design patterns to any business requirement.

Enterprise integration

Our team can help integrate Android apps with any in-house system, including CRM, ERP, SCM and HRM. We put the latest mobile device management technologies to use and ensure enterprise security, connectivity and efficient app distribution.

Cross-platform development

Besides native, we also build cross-platform technologies and high-performance mobile apps. The simple formula: write once, deploy on multiple platforms, enables you to enjoy reduced time to market, maintenance and resource costs.

Custom mobile app development

No matter how big or small your business needs are, we can help you build beautiful and highly functional apps that are catered specifically to your vision and goals.

Native mobile development for Android

We are highly proficient at building native mobile apps, ensuring maximum quality, performance and smartphone feature utilization.

Tools we use

Android Studio
Android Debug Bridge

Our clients

Home delivery app for IoT-based smart bed

Klika built a robust home delivery mobile app for a leading bed retailer that connects to the company’s core business operations. The multi-functional app directly communicates with the smart bed, collecting information on performance and potential issues, allowing for onsite troubleshooting and reporting malfunctions.

The home delivery app integrates with the order management system, the API backend system, and firmware via Bluetooth. It is actively monitored and managed by our software and embedded team. The robust application is easy to scale and successfully responds to all third-party updates and compliance and security standards.

FinTech mobile apps

Klika joined forces with one of the leading disruptors in the payment industry. We built iOS and Android mobile apps compatible with the company’s existing web system and large databases. Working hand in hand, our software development team and Klika UX/UI designers developed and implemented a smooth prototype (for Android and iOS) that included valuable customer-centric features and easy navigation.

We built a fully functional mobile app with an automated testing framework and continuous integration and delivery in place.

How we work?

Requirement and business analysis

To understand what the app is supposed to do and how we can make it happen, Klika business analysts will evaluate critical business objectives to solve user problems. Pinpointing key challenges in this phase and understanding the target audience is crucial to define key milestones.

Product development and testing

The development phase is carried out using agile development techniques, commonly Scrum. We like to set up cross-functional teams, so development and testing can go hand in hand, which enable quick iterations and adding new features or removing obstacles as soon as they appear.

Release and support

Developing the app is just the start of its lifecycle. We make sure it integrates well with your business processes and reaches customers flawlessly. The Klika team stays available for support, analytics, and diagnostics, making sure customers are continuously satisfied.

User experience and visual design

The next step is evaluating customer expectations and the app’s use cases. To enchance the app’s user experience Klika carefully crafts UX concepts, wireframes and interface mappings.

Why Us?

Decade-long experience

Mobile development has been at the core of our services since the very start. For a decade, we have been developing and implementing dozens of apps for both enterprise and regular consumer customers.

Proven track record across industries

Financial services, supply chain management, health & wellness, IoT, Web3 and the automotive industry are some of the industries we had the opportunity to work in and improve the mobile experience in each of these markets.

ISO 27001 security certification

Being ISO 27001 certified, we guarantee security of your application data and any associated transactions.

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