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Klika offers solutions for extending your product with blockchain capabilities.

Blockchain had a great impact on fintech, real estate, and other industries, allowing them to implement new features that were not possible before. Blockchain development refers to implementing smart contracts, wallet development, mobile and web app integration with blockchain communication.

We can help you upgrade or build solutions from scratch using both on-chain development and mobile and web extension with web3 capabilities. This allows you to explore more innovative capabilities and simplify processes and procedures.

Blockchain is straightforward and eliminates intermediaries, all the while guaranteeing security and transparency. Automation of processes and removal of fraudulent activities make it a more reliable and cost-efficient solution.

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Expertise we offer

Private infrastructure

We can set up a private blockchain for development and testing services and integration with test networks that will allow you to keep your confidential data private and secure. A private blockchain comes also with more scalability and efficiency.

Asset tokenization

We can help you build decentralized platforms that allow users to create, manage and trade their tokens. Klika blockchain solutios grant more independence to users regarding financial operations, like lending, borrowing, and exchanging.

Smart contract Development

We implement on-chain solutions using Solidity for EVM compatible blockchains. This enables automated interactions using self-executing contracts and protocols that guarantee fixed agreements between parties.

Mobile and web application integrations

Our dedicated software development team can assist you  extend capabilities of your mobile and web applications with blockchain integrations.

Tools we use


Our clients

We assisted Wallfair in building blockchain technology

One of the biggest decentralized betting and gaming platforms, Wallfair, partnered with Klika to work on their blockchain-backed products.

Dominating the digital entertainment industry, Wallfair accelerates the shift of the industry to web3, focusing on interactive and highly social gaming and wagering platforms. With their proprietary WFAIR token as the digital currency, they are efficiently powering the NFT marketplace.

Klika experts designed the network architecture for Wallfair for centralizing and decentralizing data, including the development and monitoring of smart contracts and backend development according to blockchain protocols.

How we work?

First, we make a proper assessment of your needs, gain an insight into your business goals and industry you operate in to be able to assemble the right team to handle the project.

We communicate with you in detail all the steps that need to be taken, and propose a timeline for completing the project or product.

After we agree on the requirements, criteria, team size and frameworks, we move onto the development stage. After delivering your product, we stay available for service management and full support.

Why us?

Agility and transparency

Our agile approach is one of the reasons we are able to deliver impeccable results. Self-organization, close collaboration with clients and transparent and continuous software delivery is what ensures us the trust of our clients.

Dedicated software development team

With the Klika team, you can count on a dedicated software development team that has the capability to offer end-to-end services, including product discovery, development, testing, and management and maintenance.

Experts in blockchain technology

Get the best insights into the blockchain potential with our experts who have years-long experience and understand the different facets of blockchain technology. We have developed blockchain solutions for the entertainment industry, supply chain and digital payments and helped our clients gain all the advantages of blockchain implementation.

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