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Optimize work processes, reduce development costs and downtime with Klika cloud-native solutions designed just for you!

Cost savings, scaling, easier service access, and on-demand storage options are among the top reasons why businesses decide to adopt cloud computing as a core part of their business strategy.

For the optimum cloud journey, Klika offers top talent and expertise that can help you tap into the endless cloud capabilities.  We have shaped numerous cloud experiences by designing cloud architecture, developing detailed cloud strategies, and building robust infrastructures.

We make sure to guide our clients through all the stages of their cloud journey, including post-release monitoring and maintenance.
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Make the cloud work for you with the right expertise and the right cloud service provider

We help clients identify opportunities and choose the right cloud strategy to reduce costs, become more efficient and facilitate complex operational processes.

Klika’s cloud developers have built dozens of compelling cloud solutions in AWS, Azure, and others, serving clients in industries like fintech, banking, and finances or health and wellness.

Relying on expert knowledge and best practices for cloud adoption, Klika cloud engineers help you properly assess your needs and tailor an innovative custom-made solution that works for you, whether you are looking for public, private, or hybrid cloud solutions.
Our cloud teams, consisting of solution architects, cloud engineers, cloud developers, data engineers, and DevOps, can guide you through the development stages, testing, release, maintenance, and monitoring, all the while adhering to the latest security and privacy standards. Building tailored roadmaps for a variety of cloud products, we can accommodate your needs whether you are looking for a SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS cloud model.

Besides technological expertise, we make it a priority to understand your business and your goals to come up with solutions and a strategy that will benefit your business in the long run.
To offer the best in latest technologies and innovations, Klika invests in continuous learning and training to bring new value to your business with each new technological progress.

Expertise we offer

Scalable cloud solutions

With services and storage available on-demand, cloud solutions allow for flexible scaling and secure and easy access to apps from any location at any time. We make sure to support all your scaling needs without impacting the functionalities of your cloud services and apps.


Our dedicated security team is capable to review existing cloud solutions and detect any misconfiguration and propose more secure solutions or assist you during a security review.

DevOps, SRE and continuous delivery

DevOps is essential in any cloud development team, and they ensure continuous consistency and continuous delivery, as well as easier and more efficient cross-platform integration. With process automation, monitoring, logging, and alerting, they save time and cut costs throughout the SDLC. On top of that, our site reliability engineers (SRE) develop systems and software that help increase site reliability and performance to make sure DevOps is implemented properly.

Big Data Analytics and BI

We build reliable pipelines and automate data processing to transform raw data into business intelligence and information of value. To get you the best experience, we create easy-to-use dashboards and visualization models which enable a deeper insight into user behavior and feature performance.

Tools we use

Microsoft Azure
Amazon CloudWAtch

How we work?

To fully understand your priorities and goals, first we organize a couple of workshops to get a better grasp of your expectations and what you can potentially gain from cloud adoption. Based on your product, the industry you are in, and your vision, the Klika team will design the architecture in collaboration with you and advise you on resources and technologies that are needed.

Based on the defined scope, Klika sets up a cloud engineering team to develop your software and apps taking into account predefined requirements, criteria, and cross-system dependencies.

We guide you through all the development stages: development, testing, release, maintenance, and post-release monitoring. We make sure to follow the highest security and privacy procedures every step of the way.

We foster an agile approach, which enables us to quickly respond to changes and make adjustments based on new emerging needs in your market and business. We rely on different scaling models such as Scrum, Kanban or Spotify to offer flexibility when you need to scale up or down fast. The agile approach allows us to work closely with our clients and communicate any possible issues and our joint progress.

Why us?

High scalability

Cloud apps are known for their flexible structure when it comes to scaling and saving in costs, but it still requires experience and deep technological knowledge to successfully navigate scaling efforts without compromising app performance and the entire infrastructure.

As an experienced software development partner, we are able to quickly increase and decrease the team size based on your software needs.

Efficiency, dedication and reliability

Experienced in working on projects that include as little as 5 people to big teams that count 50+ members, our teams adapt easily to your work environment, regardless of its size or complexity. We prefer to work closely with our clients to keep them in the loop at all times and keep our processes transparent. Working with Klika, you can count on a team that will walk the extra mile to understand the ins and outs of your business and cater to your expectations to produce high-quality cloud solutions in line with your vision and brand.

Dedicated cloud development team that
guides you through the entire process

Having delivered numerous cloud solutions in large and small-scale projects for the past 8 years, Klika cloud engineers are familiar with every stage of cloud software development. We have the needed talent and knowledge to guide clients through the entire cloud adoption process by assigning a dedicated cloud development team. We are focused on cloud system development that provides long-term business benefits as we make sure cloud applications are highly optimized and infrastructure shortcomings are kept at a minimum.

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