Powering experiences in Digital Payments

Faster B2B payment options with virtual and physical disbursements in real time.

We serve market leaders and smaller businesses that provide instant payment solutions to their clients, employees and/or business partners.

Klika has established itself as a trusted partner in building modern scalable and risk-free solutions that allow disruptive payment organizations to thrive on new technology.

With our extensive experience, in both, modernizing current payment systems and building completely new ones, we are able to support entire ecosystems from core business operations to user-specific activity.

Brining innovation and industry expertise to branded payments, like gift card and loyalty programs, we help clients support their customers with more agility and flexibility. 

Providing innovative shortcuts to safe and swift payments in the digital sphere, such as on-demand payments, digital and virtual card payments or global bank transfers, we are able to help businesses boost their ROI and build supreme payment experiences.

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Expertise we offer

Mobile apps

We create digital payment mobile apps that are compatible with your web system and your database and integrate easily with them. Whether you need Android or iOS or a hybrid app, Klika experts can help you safely build all the necessary features and options that cover all user needs.

Our mobile apps integrate with virtual cards and digital wallets and enable global bank transfers and payments in real-time, as well as ACH and push payments.

Data platform and accompanying products

We can develop a data platform that streamlines and stores all user activity and transactions, building on-premise and cloud solutions that enable valuable insights into data and transactions, and at the same time help you scale up and down according to your on-demand needs.

Tools we use

App Center
Microsoft Azure
Azure Synapses

Our Clients

Trusted partnership with one of the market leaders in digital payments

Klika joined forces with  - one of the leading disruptors in the payment industry. Our first endeavor was to build a mobile app compatible with the company’s existing web system and large databases. Working hand in hand, our software development team and Klika UX/UI designers developed and implemented a smooth prototype (for Android and iOS) that included valuable customer-centric features and easy navigation.

We built a fully functional mobile app with an automated testing framework and continuous integration and delivery in place. Our collaboration expanded and we grew our team to 70 people which work on different products, including building a new scalable and modern data and analytics platform, admin portals, client portal, dev portal, public APIs, and more.

How we work?

We get to know your product and familiarize ourselves with your business vision and the goals you want to achieve.

We define the requirements, assemble the perfect team and together with you define the timeline and key milestones.

We communicate with your team on a daily basis and discuss progress, issues and all details regarding the project.

We take care of the entire SDLC, including QA, maintenance, DevOps and others.

Why us?

Dedication to building digital payment expertise

Klika continuously invests in talent and expertise that specifically cater to digital payments. We are always on the lookout for new tech possibilities to offer our clients exactly what they need at any given point when it comes to digital wallets and the digital payment ecosystem.

Highest level of security

Our dedicated security team is capable to set up automated processes to monitor risks, detect threats and set up alerts and warnings to enable secure and safe transactions. We adhere to the latest industry and compliance standards and have seamless processes in place for sensitive data protection.

Dedicated software development team

You can count on a dedicated software development team that has the capability to offer end-to-end services, including product discovery, development, testing, and management and maintenance.

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