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Transition successfully into the digital era and explore new business capabilities.

Giving companies the tools and guidance to grow and thrive on new technology is one of our main goals as an IT company.

Digital transformation helps companies stay on top of competitors, save costs, and accelerate time to market.

Digitization is changing the world and to meet changing business demands and customer expectations, new technologies can be utilized to redefine business strategies.

Klika has been a major driver of digital transformation, helping banks and businesses become less dependent on legacy systems, brining organizational change, data-driven solutions and a modern approach to problem solving.

Our skilled experts helped banks extend the capacities of decades-old legacy systems or replace them completely with up-to-date technologies based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data. We help you navigate your digital journey and meet today’s and future customer needs.

Whether you are looking to modernize your legacy system, transition to new technologies completely, automate data processing or create powerful enterprise solutions, Klika experts can build a tailored roadmap and deliver pristine solutions that will bring your business to the next level.

Comparative agility
Bawag PSK

Expertise we offer

Modernizing legacy systems

We help traditional banks navigate successfully through digital transformation by providing and implementing detailed strategies that pave the way to a modern legacy system, data processing automation and new features that support personalized services. With our top experts, you will be able to successfully adapt to the digital era and achieve faster time-to-market at lower cost.

Big Data analytics

We build reliable pipelines and automate data processing to transform raw data into business intelligence and information of value. To get you the best experience, we create easy-to-use dashboards and visualization models which enable a deeper insight into user behavior and feature performance.


Offering scalability and high availability, microservice architecture is one of the ways to remove delays during heavy loads and deliver new innovative features continuously. We can help you make use of microservices and gain a competitive advantage with high agility.

Cloud services

Building cloud-based solutions for data analytics and online apps, we assisted a number of banks and businesses with cloud adoption and migration to achieve greater certainty and speed.

Tools we use

Microsoft Azure

Our clients

Digital transformation of Bawag P.S.K.

Klika introduced pristine cloud solutions and new technologies that helped the bank make a shift from an outdated legacy system.  Developing mobile and web banking solutions, Klika experts designed and implemented a new architecture, introduced a fluid product design, and built new features on top of the bank’s legacy system, including B2B fast loan services, Marketing CRM, loyalty card integration and PFM.

How we work

Digital transformation is a transformative process that can take months or years to take shape. To keep your regular business operations intact and undisrupted, we start with gradual small steps first and define milestones and technologies, priority tasks and the dynamics of the collaboration.

We take time to make a proper assessment of your needs and assemble the right team, mostly consisting of software developers, business analysts, DevOps, QAs, UX/UI experts and solution architects.

After requirements and criteria are set, we start the development process and daily communicate progress and potential issues. We provide detailed tech documentation on all processes, tests, and procedures to leave you with a well-organized track record.

When we deliver your product, our experts stay available for service management and full support.

Why us?

Digital transformation experience in banking

Walking businesses and mainly banks through digital transformation, we obtained in-depth knowledge and are quick to identify technological shortcomings of software and outdated systems your business struggles with and efficient solutions compatible with your current systems and platforms.

Agility and transparency

Our agile approach is one of the reasons we are able to deliver impeccable results. Self-organization, close collaboration with clients and transparent and continuous software delivery is why clients trust us.

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