Power your products with secure and high-performance .Net solutions

We use the .Net platform for reliable and scalable enterprise systems.

We build .Net solutions for enterprises and companies with millions of users.

Our expertise is mostly focused on implementing microservice-based architectures powered by Azure Cloud. We deliver services to enterprises and large technology companies operating in the fintech and IoT fields, where reliable and scalable solutions are first priority. 

You can count on .Net solutions that range from REST/Graphql/gRPC APIs to full-stack web applications and high-quality code with Klika’s agile practices and test-driven development.

.Net has been our choice of technology from the very start eight years ago. For almost a  decade, we have been developing and releasing dozens of apps and systems that rest on the powerful .Net technology.

One of the benefits of solutions with .Net is that it works smoothly with a range of programming languages, enabling  us to be faster and more efficient when building your .Net-based product.

Comparative agility
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Expertise we offer

MVP development

Fast development cycles allow us to deliver an MVP quickly, validate ideas and perform user testing as early as possible.

Web application testing

Klika provides automated unit and functional integration, performance testing and implementation in quality gates and deployment actions.


Based on our expertise on various projects we are able to provide detailed architecture and code analysis and make suggestions on how to improve your product.

API development

We create all kinds of scalable APIs and support integration with SPAs and mobile apps, including  custom APIs for easy integration with third-party services.

Microservice development

Using .Net core along with Docker and Kubernetes we are able to deliver large-scale microservice-based applications leveraging the benefits of Azure Cloud Services.


ased on your requirements, we provide an architecture design that fits your product best, whether you are looking for monolith or microservice-based .Net architecture solutions.

Azure Cloud Services

We are experienced with various Azure services and we are able to identify a setup that fits your requirements best. Examples are centralized identity services, messaging services, serverless solutions, and infrastructure automation using Terraform and AKS.


We rely on CI/CD best practices on every project to make our work as efficient as possible. Our teams use Terraform to automate infrastructure provisioning, configuration and optimization of Azure services based on your needs, and we are proficient in Docker and Kubernetes.

Edge computing integration

Large-scale real-time data ingestion mechanisms with required data transformations and reporting.

Full-stack application development

Klika can help you to build full-stack scalable, real-time web applications.

Tools we use

Dot Net
ASP Core
Microsoft WPF

Our clients

Building solutions for fintech market leaders with .Net

Klika developed a robust mobile app for a leading US digital wallet company that is now used by millions of users. Combining our skills in .Net with our deep  Xamarin knowledge, we built a highly secure and adaptable mobile app for both Android and iOS.

Klika .Net powered solutions for SKIDATA

.Net allowed us to explore numerous possibilities when working on SKIDATA access solutions for skiing and parking. We build new features, develop new systems from scratch and provide end-to-end testing and maintenance.

How we work?

First, we make a proper assessment of your needs, gain an insight into your business goals and the industry you operate in to be able to assemble the right team to handle the project.

We communicate with you in detail all the steps that need to be taken, the technologies and tools the project requires and the deadlines.

After agreeing on the requirements, criteria, team size and frameworks, we move onto the development stage. Once the product is delivered, we stay available for service management and full support.

Why us?

Enhanced product functionalities

Combining our expertise with .Net possibilities enables us to improve or build your product with exceptionally enhanced and flexible functionalities.

We bring innovation and transformation

Our drive for innovation has led us to help companies transform into market leaders with powerful .Net technology and custom software solutions architected by Klika experts.

Continuous improvement and optimization

Being agile and relying on CI/CD, we optimize and improve products on an on-going basis.

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