EdTech solutions for teachers and staff

Custom software solutions for schools and educational institutions to help you navigate through administrative work faster and hassle-free.

We build platforms and systems for schools and educators that facilitate administration and evaluation procedures for teachers and staff.

We provide effortless EdTech solutions that help with the organization of tasks, reports and evaluation processes. Our solutions enable teachers to keep up with their schedule, stay organized, and keep their work all in one place. With valuable data and insights at fingertips, it increases efficiency and compliance.

The Educator Evaluation System we built for TeachPoint/Vector Solutions is used by school districts across the USA, tremendously reducing bureaucratic tasks, enhancing performance and supporting students and staff in their everyday work.

With our expertise and experience, we can build robust EdTech systems that unite all tasks into one place:

Goal planning and self-assessment

Report writing

Progress tracking

Classroom observation

Summative evaluations

Compliance management

Evaluator dashboard with alert and reminder settings

Easy document, image and video upload

Customizable settings to fit your personal needs

Comparative agility
Bawag PSK

Expertise we offer

Building smooth end-to-end evaluation systems with smart features.
Modernization and upgrade of existing education platforms.
Integration and optimization.

Tools we use

Dot Net

Our clients


We partnered with TeachPoint, nowadays known as Vector Solutions, to build an online educator evaluation system that streamlines administrative processes into one place including a personal user-friendly dashboard, customizable evaluation and performance review forms, email digesting, and more.

The solution is used across public and private schools across the USA, winning over users with clear and easy navigation, customizable features and all-around system capabilities.

How we work?

We get to know your product and familiarize ourselves with your business vision and the goals you want to achieve.

We define the requirements, assemble the perfect team and  define the timeline and key milestones together with you.

We communicate with your team on a daily basis and discuss progress, issues and all details regarding the project.

We take care of the entire SDLC, including QA, maintenance, cloud and others.

Why us?

Experience in EdTech

Working on solutions that were developed with teachers and educators together, we understand the needs of schools and educational institutions and can pave the way to seamless tech solutions that cover even the smallest detail.

Transparent approach

We are a scrum-driven company, following best agile practices. We let you in on the project’s progress with regular customer demos and updates on milestones. We adapt quickly to any work environment.

Software expertise

Our software developers come with tons of experience and versatile tech skills that helps us come up with the best solutions for a specific problem, save time, energy, and costs.  Our teams consist of architects, developers, QAs, CDMs, DevOps, and other relevant roles that can support the entire development and post-release process.

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