Enterprise mobility solutions designed for business growth

We bring critical business operations to smartphones allowing companies to be more productive and embrace the mobile-first approach.

We develop enterprise mobility solutions to bring efficiency across field teams.

Klika builds scalable enterprise mobility software that brings efficiency, facilitates fieldwork and enhances communication across organizations in a remote setting. With mobile apps and mobile content thriving, businesses have recognized the need to enable access to more key business operations that go beyond email access and communication channel apps.

From mobile device and app management to mobile content development, our software development team can help you define visibility, manage access, roles and the distribution hierarchy.
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Expertise we offer

Architecture and UX/UI design

We develop EM solutions with the user in mind. You can count on clean and neat designs and infrastructure, including quick authentication, hassle-free access to corporate apps and operations and self-service tools for independent troubleshooting.

Cloud solutions for enterprise mobility

We can help you build scalable cloud solutions as part of your enterprise mobility strategy that will seamlessly integrate with onsite security systems and office directories, as well as allow for third-party integration.

Tailored enterprise mobility solutions for businesses

Keeping the complexity of your system in mind, we can provide end-to-end solutions that specifically target your biggest pain points. Enterprise mobility solutions build by Klika include end-to-end app development, quality checks, remote troubleshooting, managing IoT deployments, and more.

Tools we use

Mobile Angular
Android Studio

Industries we serve

Particularly active in the health and wellness industry, we build enterprise mobility solutions for IoT-based systems that help our clients serve customers fast by accessing critical business processes remotely and safely.

Our clients

Enterprise mobility solution: Home Delivery App for smart bed beds

Klika has been working with a smart bed retailer for the past seven years, and one of its most successful smart bed editions counting over 1 million accounts was developed with Klika as the core team working on different features of the smart bed technology, including mobile enterprise solutions.
Klika built a robust home delivery mobile app for the retailer that lets the installers set up all the functions from users' homes in real time. The multi-functional app directly communicates with the smart bed, collecting information on performance and potential issues, allowing for troubleshooting onsite and reporting malfunctions.

The home delivery app integrates with the order management system, the API backend system, and firmware via Bluetooth. It is actively monitored and managed by our software and embedded team. The robust application is easy to scale and successfully responds to all third-party updates and compliance and security standards.

How we work

We conduct research to estimate how experienced your team with mobile technology is, which devices you want to use, how complex your IT infrastructure is and if your organization is mature enough to deploy enterprise apps.

We will make a design proposal that fits your needs, where we will define access, roles and actions in order to create an interface that will govern access control.

After that, we commit to developing and deploying your enterprise mobility solution that integrates your onsite operations with mobile apps fit to be used remotely.

We stay available for support, quality checks, security updates and identifying new opportunities.

Why us?


We keep ourselves available for any type of support your enterprise mobility system needs, and we keep detailed records and tech documentation for any insights you may need in the future.


We use the latest tools to automate security processes and detect potential risks and we build all our products with security in mind. We follow OWASP guidelines and have security analysts oversee and timely react to compliance or security issues.

We understand unique needs

Klika experts do their due diligence to identify your IT and network capabilities and tackle issues that are unique to your business.

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