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Klika provides the bank and finance industry with compelling customer-oriented solutions, combining industry knowledge with a highly sophisticated skillset.

All-around banking products for your digital transformation

From leading banks through digital transformation to building scalable omnichannel solutions, Klika has been serving the banking and finance industry since 2014.

We build financial products that rely on the latest technological advances, including AI and ML features, to help our clients gain all the benefits from modern banking platforms and mobile banking.

With a full team consisting of software and cloud developers, data and database engineers, QAs, CDMs, UX/UI designers and security analysts, we are able to provide user-friendly and highly scalable solutions, keeping security and data integrity in mind.

We walk clients through entire digitization projects or just assist with specific parts of the SDLC, depending on their needs.
Comparative agility
Bawag PSK

Expertise we offer

We work with traditional and neobanks, developing modern e-banking products that enhance security, enable real-time transactions and personalize the banking experience. With a strong background in designing and building entire banking platforms, and complex web and cloud-based solutions, we come with in-depth industry knowledge that helps our clients utilize the full potential of new-age banking technologies.
Legacy system modernization

We helped traditional banks navigate successfully through digital transformation by providing and implementing detailed strategies to modernize legacy systems, automate and speed up data processing and build new features that support personalized services. With our top experts, our clients were able to successfully adapt to the digital era and achieve faster time-to-market at lower cost.

Personal Finance Management

Klika helps fintech clients power customer experience with personal financial management products, i.e., developing easy-to-use mobile banking tools and other digital products that make handling finances very neat and smooth. Klika experts have created PFM solutions for multiple leading banks and major fintech industry stakeholders, and they can do the same for you.


Offering scalability and high availability, microservice architecture is one of the ways to remove delays during heavy loads and deliver new innovative features continuously. We can help you make use of microservices and gain a competitive advantage with high agility.

Omnichannel banking

Omnichannel banking enables communication across all channels, online and offline. With Klika's devoted development team, you can get access to integrated solutions that facilitate client onboarding, boost customer engagement and increase customer retention.

Cloud banking

Building cloud-based solutions for data and analytics and online banking apps, we assisted a number of banks with cloud adoption to achieve greater certainty and speed.

Tools we use

App Center
Microsoft Azure
Azure Synapsis

Our clients

Klika-Bawag P.S.K. partnership

We worked with Bawag P.S.K., the fourth largest bank in Austria, for four years, guiding them step by step through digital transformation and giving them the tools they need to cut costs, speed up business operations and acquire new customers.

Klika introduced pristine cloud solutions and new technologies that helped the bank make a shift from an outdated legacy system.  Developing mobile and web banking solutions, Klika experts designed and implemented a new architecture, introduced a fluid product design, and built new features on top of the bank’s legacy system, including B2B fast loan services, Marketing CRM, loyalty card integration and PFM.

Mobile banking solutions for Natix Algerie and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

We developed the first mobile banking solution in Algeria by partnering with Natixis Algerie, a French corporate and investment bank.

Klika also collaborated with the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank based in the United Arab Emirates, developing compelling Islamic banking solutions for the UAE market. One of our core tasks was to build REST APIs and a web portal for the bank's personal finance product.

How we work?

Since banking and finance projects are rather long-term engagements, and software solutions take months to be build, we prefer to closely collaborate with our clients and communicate frequently and timely.

First, we take time to make a proper assessment of your needs to be able to assemble the right team for the project.

We communicate with you in detail all the steps that need to be taken, the technologies the project requires and the deadlines.

After we agree on the requirements and criteria, we start the development process. When we deliver your product, we stay available for service.

Why us?

Agility and transparency

Our agile approach is one of the reasons we are able to deliver impeccable results. Self-organization, close collaboration with clients and transparent and continuous software delivery is what ensures us the trust of our clients.

We work with cutting edge technology

To offer you the best experience with Klika, we regularly update our tech stacks and tools to match the latest industry standards and security protocols, so we are able to present you with the best options available in the market.

Industry expertise combined with top tech talent

With several major bank and fintech partnerships behind us, we obtained in-depth knowledge of the industry and are quick to identify technological shortcomings your business struggles with and provide detailed solutions that can solve simple and complex problems.

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