Effective firmware and hardware designs for your IoT device

Klika develops complete embedded product strategies, delivers firmware and hardware design and implements effortless embedded integrations with customer experience in mind.

We deliver real change, simplify costs and enhance customer experience.

Whether you need to create a new product or improve your existing one, our team of senior specialists will be ready to deliver. From testing boards to meeting mass production challenges, we can deliver an end-to-end solution that meets your needs.

Klika experts provide assistance in road mapping, embedded design consulting or prototyping or you have an existing product you want to add new features to or sustain a legacy project, we are happy to help.

Through our agile approach, we build scalable products ready for growth that keep pace with your business.
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Hardware expertise we offer

Electronics Design

Our extensive experience in analog and digital circuit design, sensors and IoT helps us provide you with advanced tech solutions and bring your products to market faster.

Wireless Design

We offer solutions that secure a reliable connection between numerous devices in the field and to the Cloud, helping you with data collection and aggregation over a range of protocols.

Research & Prototyping

For every challenge, Klika can set up a team of experts that can act as our client's R&D department with extensive experience in prototyping. We have fully equipped laboratories with advanced tools to support and facilitate the path of your product through all stages of its lifecycle.

System Re-Engineering

Part of our mission is to make your product resilient and keep your production lines going in the era of parts shortages. We can advise you on design ideas to make it simpler and help with finding alternate more cost-effective supply sources.

Firmware expertise we offer

Embedded Application Development

Crafting perfect synergy between the hardware and software that bring advanced features, controls, and interfaces to our client's products is where our expertise comes to light, giving your users a next-level experience.

Verification and Validation testing

We treat quality as built-in, not an afterthought. We test from prototype to acceptance, and integrate testing end-to-end, cloud to hardware, ensuring we deliver solutions that are stable, reliable, and verified.

Code quality

The dedication of our development and QA team and the focus on test-driven development ensure that our code meets industry standards. We have processes in place to ensure the code meets all compliance requirements.

Code review

Our team can help with your struggling projects by troubleshooting issues in quality and reliability. We can review your requirements and your code on existing products and provide transparent information on the complexity of the issues detected and time estimates for fixing them.

Tools we use

Visual Studio

Industries we serve

Klika has been working with a market leader in smart bed technology for the past seven years and one of its most successful smart bed editions counting over 1 million accounts was developed with Klika as the core team. Our relationship and trust grew over the years and Klika has now 70+ people working on the smart bed technology, including our embedded team.

As the core development team, we designed the hardware and firmware of the IoT device that is attached to the bed, developed native mobile apps, a web application, and Customer Portal, covering all aspects of development.

How we work?

We analyze product requirements starting with its main functionalities, e.g., user interactions, environmental conditions, manufacturing requirements, product validation, and production testing requirements.

During this process, the Klika team builds various Proof Of  Concept (POC) devices and develops prototyping code to confirm the behavior of selected hardware components.

Going through the POC stages allows us an early product validation. We carefully listen to feedback from different stakeholders and friendly customer testers to adjust the needs of the project before commercializing and going into mass production.

We make sure all products are in compliance with the safety and environmental regulations of your region/country.

Once the product is on the market, we stay available for support, maintenance and updates.

Why us?

Industry-specific knowledge

We combine business domain experience, broad technical expertise and a quality-driven delivery model to create innovative solutions. We have experience in building IoT devices and matching web and mobile apps in a number of industries, mostly health and wellness.

Agility and transparency

We let you fully in on the project’s progress, providing regular customer demos and updates on the project milestones. Our embedded team works closely with our clients to make sure prototypes and development stages go according to plan.

High-quality hardware and firmware
design at optimum cost

We make sure every part fits perfectly and all components are configured, tested and ready for use.

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