Smart solutions for health and wellness devices

Klika brings custom-made IoT solutions to the health and wellness industry.

From designing embedded devices to developing entire software systems, Klika has been serving clients in the health and wellness industry for years.

Klika designs and builds IoT devices and entire IoT ecosystems aimed to collect biometric data which provide insight into the health and wellness status of users. Our almost decade-long experience in building all-around systems and infrastructures (including hardware and software) that collect, process, and assess biometric data helped us hone a specific skillset and develop the required domain knowledge to help our clients strategically approach data collection from sensors and devices and put them to use.

We have a large expert team, consisting of hardware and firmware engineers, software developers (including backend and cloud), UI/UX designers, and a dedicated CDM that are devoted to mapping out complex IoT solutions and complex systems that support and process billions of data on a daily basis.

From building the hardware for smart electronic devices to creating accompanying mobile apps and integrated enterprise systems, we are able to give our clients the tools they need to improve the health and wellbeing of humans with data collection mechanisms integrated in smart products, like smart beds and other high-tech solutions.

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Expertise we offer

Firmware architecture design and implementation

Klika engineering teams can map out the firmware architecture and firmware design for your IoT-based products and develop tailored prototypes at optimum cost, taking into account environmental conditions, manufacturing requirements and compliance, as well as third-party integration.

Hardware design

We build prototypes, carry out POC/MVP validation and field testing and conduct manufacturing preparations to help you get the most out of your product. We specialize in analog and digital circuit design and perform electrical circuit simulation to make sure all components are tested and optimized before the design stage.

Custom mobile apps for IoT devices

Klika mobile developers can design and develop seamless native and hybrid mobile apps that allow connecting and controlling your IoT devices via smart phones, enabling users an insight into real-time data and an overall smooth experience.

Tailored Enterprise Data Platform

We can build a custom EDP with enhanced data functions and analytics tools, helping you track, understand and maximize the outcome of IoT data.

Embedded software solutions

We design and develop embedded firmware and embedded software that can acquire data from lots of highly sensitive sensors. Custom-built devices by our teams have the capacity to collect, process, and send a large amount of data. We specialize in porting and developing bare metal and RTOS-based applications, including low-level developments (BPS, drivers, firmware) and middleware (OS and connectivity).

Our team has experience with different MCUs and SoCs from different vendors, along with many commercial and open-source RTOS (FreeRTOs, Contiki, MQX, embOS).

Tools we use


Our clients

We design and develop hardware and software for one of US-market leaders in sleep technology

Klika started working in the health and wellness industry around 7 years ago by partnering with one of the leading companies in smart-bed and sleep-monitoring tech solutions.

As the core development team, we are part of all development stages and take care of the entire eco-system. We have multidisciplinary teams working on each part of the smart-bed technology to yield the best results (e.g., embedded team, web and mobile developers, UX/UI designers, data scientists, business analysts, cloud engineers, QAs, etc.).

How we work?

We start with business analysis

The first step is to understand what your product is supposed to achieve and map out the best way to do so. Once familiar with the product or your idea, Klika business analysts will outline the best approach to solve user problems. We will highlight the key challenges and set up a work plan to implement solutions.

We assess customer expectations and provide a suitable UX concept

The next step is evaluating customer expectations and the product use cases. We can create UX concepts, wireframes and interface mappings to help you define user experience in a consistent way.

Product development and testing

The development phase is carried out using agile methodologies, with Scrum as the most frequently used framework. We like to set up cross-functional teams, so development and testing can go hand in hand, which enables us to iterate quickly and add new features and remove obstacles as soon as possible. We also make sure to communicate with your team daily and report progress on a regular basis.

Release and support

Once the product’s lifecycle starts, we make sure that it integrates well with your business processes and that it reaches customers glitch-free. We provide support, analytics, diagnostics and whatever else is needed to make sure the product performs meticulously and customers are satisfied.

Why us?

A holistic customer-oriented approach

We maintain close relationships with customers to define coherent and intuitive solutions, which allows us to create engaging user experiences that are as strong as the technology behind them.

End-to-end service

We provide end-to-end software development, including planning, product discovery, product design, development, testing, training, and support. In that way, we are able to offer unified IoT expertise at one place, reduce communication overhead and improve time-to-market.

Reliability and transparency

With Klika, you get full insight into your project’s progress. We keep you involved on a daily basis (i.e., daily meetings, syncs, etc.) and we provide you with regular customer demos and updates on the project’s milestones, as well as any obstacles emerging in the process.

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