Take advantage of Java - one of the most reliable and favorite technologies

Choosing Java as your technology will never be the wrong choice. From simple lean startups  to large finance systems, Java positioned itself as a go-to technology.

Klika Java solutions can power the most demanding products.

Our software development engineers have wide experience in system design and architecture, Java testing tools, web technologies, web frameworks and more.

We use Java to build secure and scalable web and mobile apps, as well as complex systems that meet the latest industry standards and your business goals.
Comparative agility
Bawag PSK

Expertise we offer

API development

We are creating all kinds of scalable APIs and support integration with SPAs and mobile apps which can be easily integrated with third parties allowing you to accommodate your product to user needs.

Microservice architecture

Using Java, our teams are  able to deliver large-scale microservice architecture and microservice-based applications powered by microservices frameworks.

Web application testing

Klika provides automated unit and functional integration, performance testing and implementation in quality gates and deployment actions.

Full-stack application development

We can help you to build full-stack scalable real-time web applications backed by Java.


We rely on CI/CD best practices and our DevOps practices and proficiency in Docker and Kubernetes ensure continuous quality for your Java-based products, whether it’s a PaaS platform like Heroku, a cloud solution like AWS or Azure or a self-hosted solution.


Based on our JavaScript expertise on various projects, we are able to provide detailed architecture and code analysis and make suggestions on how to improve your product.

Java technology stack

Spring – the most common framework that provides comprehensive infrastructure support for developing Java applications. From simple web applications and web services to large-scale microservices, our engineers are highly versatile in using the Spring framework.

Kafka - Apache Kafka is an open-source distributed event streaming platform used by our experts for high-performance data pipelines, streaming analytics, data integration, and mission-critical applications. Kafka is used and trusted by more than 80% of all Fortune 100 companies.

Spring Cloud Netflix & Netflix OSS - Building fully functional and production-ready microservice architecture has never been easier. Our engineers can utilize the Netflix OSS stack (Zuul, Eureka, Ribbon, Hystrix) to kickstart successful microservice platforms with ease.

Our clients

BAWAG and Klika

Klika Java software engineers have designed and implemented a large microservice based e-banking solution for Bawag PSK. We built a new system from scratch that supports adding new features, apps and third-party integration while at the same time reducing maintenance costs and improving overall performance. Container managed microservices we built allowed for more flexibility, lowering the overall risk.

Solutions for EdTech

Klika built an efficient teacher evaluation solution that saves valuable time and improves collaboration and performance.

Integration with PD tracking, a flawless easy-to-use interface and customizable forms are some of the most popular features we built for Vector Solutions, back when it was known as TeachPoint.

Tools we use

Android Studio
JUnit 5

How we work?

First, we take time to make a proper assessment of your needs to be able to assemble the right team for the project.

We communicate with you in detail all the steps that need to be taken, the technologies the project requires and the deadlines.

After agreeing on the requirements and criteria, we start the development process. Once the product is delivered, we stay available for service management and full support.

Why us?

Java is easy to use and covers a very wide range of problem solutions that master even the most complex problems. Whether it’s mobile apps, web apps, games, Java offers a plethora of options.
Stability with innovation

Java is one of the most popular programming languages, and we make sure to use all the advantages of its large library and toolkits, offering stability with innovation.

Safe and portable

One of Java's biggest advantages is its high-level concurrency tools. With Klika’s deep expertise, you can maximize the benefits of the portable, safe and maintainable Java code.

Easy and complex solutions

Klika can cover a very wide range of problem solutions that master even the most complex problems. Whether it’s mobile apps, web apps, games,  we offer a plethora of Java-powered options.

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