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We build custom-made high-performing and industry-leading mobile applications and enterprise mobile solutions from concept research to post-release maintenance across different industries.

Klika mobile app developers are well versed across different technologies and deliver customized smart mobile apps and mobile cloud-based solutions across industries.

We use cutting-edge technologies and the most efficient development practices to create secure and intuitive mobile application software, offering full-cycle development services, including concept research, UX/UI design, fast prototyping, programming, testing, and maintenance.

To deliver the best results, we focus on security, UI and UX design, scalability, usability, as well as utility. Besides dedicated mobile app developers, we also provide business analysis, QA, DevOps, and UX/UI expertise to bring reliability and innovation to your custom-made mobile app.
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Expertise we offer

Enterprise mobility solutions

Klika’s Enterprise Mobility development teams lead companies through this stage of digital transformation with ease and care. We create solutions that help organizations manage work processes and remote communication across the company, build new more efficient data-based revenue systems and facilitate internal organization and day-to-day operations.

UX /UI Design

With our dedicated expert UX/UI designer team, we use a user-centric approach and focus on the user journey through your app, as well as an intuitive and interactive user interface. We create the journey map, build the UX wireframe and the prototype and conduct usability testing to create visually appealing and highly intuitive mobile apps.

Custom iOS and Android mobile app development

Klika’s experienced iOS and Android mobile app development experts build robust apps with the user in mind. We use Swift for iOS and Java and Kotlin for Android to deliver fast high-quality solutions with a unique and intuitive look and feel designed to cater specifically to your target audience and fit your business objectives.

Tools we use

Android Studio

Our clients

Klika developed the PFM mobile app for BAWAG which became one of Bawag's most used products

We developed mobile and web banking solutions for Bawag P.S.K, the fourth largest bank in Austria.

Implementing a new architecture, introducing a fluid product design, and building new features on top of the bank’s legacy system, like B2B fast loan services, loyalty card integration and the PFM mobile app, we brought BAWAG up to speed and helped them become more competitive.

Find out more about our Bawag journey and their successful digital transformation with Klika here.

Developing mobile apps for IoT devices in smart beds

Klika built native mobile apps for IoT devices that are neat, easy to scale and integrate easily with third parties.

As the core development team for the smart bed retailer, we also designed the hardware and firmware of the IoT device, developed a web application, and many other features, covering all aspects of development.

How we work?

Requirement and business analysis

The first step to making a great app is to understand what it is supposed to do and what is the best way to do it. To answer these questions, our business analysts evaluate how to address particular business objectives and solve user problems in an optimum way.With all of these covered, the final step is to make a development plan and pinpoint key milestones.

Release and support

Developing the app is just the start of its lifecycle. Klika teams will make sure that it integrates well with your business processes and provide support, analytics, diagnostics and whatever else is needed to make sure that your mobile app is meeting all requirements and exceeding expectations.

Visual design

Next, we evaluate customer expectations and the app’s use cases. We help define how the app user experience of the app will contribute to your help you achieve business objectives by creating UX concepts, wireframes and interface mappings.

App development and testing

We set up cross-functional teams using agile and Scrum to enable development and testing to go hand in hand. This allows us to iterate quickly,  add new features and remove obstacles as soon as they appear.

Why us?

Dedication to building expertise and experts

Klika continuously invests in talent, mobile development expertise, knowledge, and new technologies to offer clients exactly what they need at any given point, whether they need a product built from scratch or an extra hand at a particular stage of their SDLC.

Proven track record across many industries

Financial services, supply chain management, health & wellness, and the world of IoT are all areas we work in and build our expertise around. We believe that the better we know the industry, the better the mobile app will be. A comprehensive understanding of a product and industry helps us deliver the results you need to stand out in your respective market.

A top-notch one-stop-shop for your mobile app

With experts in various technologies and multidisciplinary teams, we have all it takes to build and maintain a mobile app that covers all current and future user needs.

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