People and vehicle access control for safe and fast movement

Klika creates and develops access and management solutions for global  industry providers in vehicle/people access control.

We build access control systems for safer and smarter vehicle/people movement

Smart city systems and applications related to traffic and car management are advancing with each day. The higher number of vehicles on the streets, as a result of the general population increase, has led to modernized parking lots, as well as other smart solutions that facilitate the management of traffic flows.

Controlling people and vehicle access via smart applications allows for more flexibility, easier crowd management and faster movement. Klika experts can help maintain, develop, refactor, test and scale your professional solutions for paid access for people and vehicles.

From parking validation to stadium access, our software development teams work on highly sophisticated products that enable smooth vehicle and people access. These solutions help clients optimize performance and maximize profits.

Our dedicated development teams have worked hand in hand with market leaders in access and revenue management.

Combining cutting-edge technology, highly specific industry knowledge and the vast experience we gained in developing solutions specifically in the people and access industry, we offer an all-around approach to provide our clients with the right tech solutions.

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Expertise we offer

Parking validation solutions

We develop new functionalities and maintain validation solutions for parking facilities. Klika experts can quickly and smoothly develop new features, identify and remove bugs from your apps, adhering to the latest trends in access solutions that make validating faster and easier.

Stadium access solutions

We have valuable experience in developing stadium access solutions for safe and intelligent passage of people. Most often, different services are used for validation and verification of personal documents and identity.

Ski access solutions

We can assist you with maintenance and upgrade of your existing software for ski access control and pass validation, as well as build a new system, including management after release.

We can smoothly and cost-efficiently add new features and bring the newest tech innovations to your systems.

Face and fingertip validation

Working on modern stadium access solutions, we have worked on developing different features like validation of face/fingerprint and building adaptable frameworks that support different types of customization.

Tools we use

Dot Net
Angular JS
ASP dot net
node js
Microsoft SQL Server
VM Ware
WM Ware
Soap UI

Our clients

We work with market
leader SKIDATA

In the area of access and revenue management, we work with the Austrian market leader SKIDATA. Working on access solutions for skiing and parking, our Klika team does the maintenance, builds new features for SKIDATA solutions, develops new systems from scratch and provides end-to-end testing.

How we work?

We get to know your product and familiarize ourselves with your business vision and the goals you want to achieve.

We define the requirements, assemble the perfect team and define the timeline and key milestones together with you.

We communicate with your team on a daily basis and discuss progress, issues and all details regarding the project.

We take care of the entire SDLC, including QA, maintenance, DevOps and others.

Why us?

Agile development

We are a fully agile scrum-driven company, following the best agile practices on all of our projects. We use code review, continuous integration, and other methodologies to deliver the best quality in every iteration.

Proven experience with access solutions

Our experts had the opportunity to work on different access solutions, and they showcase vast industry knowledge along tech skills. The Klika team can help  you identify your needs and stay on top of industry trends.

Proficiency with new technologies

A smart access system is a software solution that incorporates IoT technologies such as sensing devices, cameras or counting sensors. Klika’s team is diverse, building apps using different tech stacks, which allows us to respond to different challenges very quickly and improve or adapt to existing access solutions.

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