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Build a product with true market value and gain in-depth understanding of user needs in the most efficient way with Klika’s product discovery experts.

All the way from market research to idea validation, we set the stage for risk-free and cost-optimized implementation with a predictable outcome.

Product discovery is an important early milestone for any business looking to launch a new product or reinvent their existing business solution. Relying on data-backed research and extensive market testing, it is an efficient risk-management tool that gives businesses a foundation based on predictability and certainty.

Klika has been part of many projects from product discovery to product delivery, defining the architecture design, POC, UX/UI solutions, customer journeys and prototypes. Working in different markets, we were able to map out insight-based product solutions in a range of industries, from IoT-based health and wellness to digital payments and fintech.

Klika software architects, business analysts, embedded engineers and UX/UI designers can help you test your product’s feasibility, usability, and sustainability and provide a product roadmap, market research and idea validation you will need for your product to take off.

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Expertise we offer

Wireframes, Prototypes , Visual design, Data visualization, Product roadmap, Product visualization, Usability testing and accessibility evaluation, Business analytics, Solution architecture, Step-by-step implementation plan
Mobile app discovery and design 

We can help you build an intuitive mobile app that specifically caters to your users with mobile app discovery for both Android and iOS. Based on extensive market research, we identify the best goals and marketable features, including visual representation of user journey and wireframes to come up with the most effective POC and a functional intuitive design.

Product Discovery for software extension

Product discovery can help you transform your system by removing potential future issues, enhance performance and minimize risks and outline the best way to carry out the transformation. With Klika experts on your side, you can give existing software system the needed boost to stay competitive and offer users fresh and innovative features.

PCB prototyping and IoT solutions 

With our highly skilled embedded engineering team that works on complex IoT solutions, we are able to make tailored BCP prototypes, perform POC/MVP validation and field testing, as well as manufacturing preparations.

Product Discovery for brand new products  

We are devoted to creating relevant user experiences based on user behavior research, as well as the best possible architectural solutions to enable a successful product launch. With our valuable insights, businesses can confidently move on to the implementation phase.

Tools we use

Adobe XD

Our clients

IoT Product Discovery for consumer electronics in the health and wellness industry

Klika experts have successfully developed PoCs and software and embedded prototypes for one of our US clients that operates in the health and wellness industry serving millions of users and running billions of data each day.

Using our expertise in business analytics, UX/UI design and embedded systems, we were able to create a holistic approach to product discovery and observe the needs from multiple angles. It helped us create a successful roadmap from discovery to development, resulting in an excellent product that is used by the masses today.

How we work?

Research phase

First we will try to understand and define the problem that will solve your unique business needs.


When we do Product Discovery, we include all relevant stakeholders to get the best results. From business strategists, product managers to software developers and architects, we make sure we align across all relevant levels and departments.


Once we understand user problems in and out, we define requirements and the end product goals that will specifically bridge the gaps between your business and your users. We create a unique and relevant product road map for your product.


The next step is developing a basic concept and testing your product on users to identify what needs to be improved and what needs to be removed. Being agile, we will be able to quickly respond to changes and adjust according to user insights and your team’s feedback.


After product validation, we use A/B beta testing, surveys and run other experiments to validate the idea from all perspectives and get the most relevant and valuable insights. We use different methods to produce trustworthy results and set a solid foundation for the implementation phase.


Once your idea is validated and tested on a sizeable sample of real users, we move onto the implementation phase. We set up backlog items, establish priorities, and set the timeline for delivery, all in line with your business processes.

Why us?

We focus on maximizing the outcome and your ROI

Klika experts always look for the best methods and techniques to get you the most out of a product, making sure the solution we propose takes into account ROI objectives.

Our solutions are tailored specifically to your industry

When we enter a partnership, we make sure to understand your business and the market you work in to deliver software solutions that leave an impact.

We combine discovery and delivery

We continuously work on making a product better, and Klika experts will incorporate new insights as they become available. Being agile, we can work on discovery and delivery simultaneously and improve product discovery along product development.

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