Cut development time with the simplicity and speed of Ruby

With more than 10 years of expertise in the Ruby ecosystem, we can help you create products from ground up or modernize your legacy system. 

We deliver services to enterprises and large technology companies in fintech, customer relationship management, e-commerce, agility assessment and many more.

We deliver Ruby-based solutions that range from REST/Graphql/gRPC APIs to full-stack web applications. Our Ruby developers rely on test-driven development to provide solutions that work perfectly.

One of the core principles of Ruby-based applications is called Don’t Repeat Yourself. This approach eliminates repetitive code fragments, which greatly facilitates the support of complex web solutions. Using our battle-tested toolset, Klika developers can achieve much more with fewer lines of code, helping clients to achieve their business goals much faster.
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Expertise we offer

Full-stack application development

Our team can help you build full-stack scalable real-time web applications at optimum cost. Ruby shortens the development time and speeds up time to market.

API development

We create all kinds of scalable APIs and support integration with SPAs and mobile apps. With our expertise, we can develop custom APIs for easy integration of your solution and third-party services.

Web application testing

Klika provides automated unit, functional, integration, and performance testing and implementation in quality gates and deployment actions.

MVP development

Using the benefits of the ruby ecosystem, we are able to deliver an  MVP quickly to validate ideas and perform user testing as early as possible.


We can provide various DevOps services for your Ruby-based products. If it's a PaaS platform like Heroku, a cloud solution like AWS or Azure or a self-hosted solution. We are experienced using Docker and Kubernetes. All projects are using CI/CD industry-standard best practices


Klika solutions with Ruby enable you to adapt to various markets by scaling and maintaining complex solutions with ease. Based on your requirements, we provide an architecture design that fits your product best, whether you are looking for monolith or microservice-based architecture solutions.


Based on our expertise on various projects, we are able to provide detailed architecture and code analysis and make suggestions on how to improve your product.

Tools we use


Our clients

We build secure Ruby-based solutions for enterprises and companies offering products used by millions of users.

Klika and Mondu

The Klika team has worked with the B2B German-based FinTech specializing in fast payment solutions for SMEs, developing cutting-edge payment processing solutions that helped the startup gain fame with their product and the powerful platform behind it. Using Ruby allowed us to be extremely fast and efficient with the development process.

Klika and Spiro partnership

Partnering with Spiro seven years ago, we rolled out the MVP for, a smart CRM platform that relies on AI and ML to improve user experience and performance of sales teams. is widely used today across the globe by many organizations with its distinct features and exceptional capabilities.