Build outstanding products with powerful software product development

We assist businesses build and upgrade software products, offering guidance and expertise at any stage of the development.

Klika experts specialize in different technologies to help businesses define the best approach to launch or upgrade their products.

Since 2015, Klika is focused on software product development working with tech-based companies in sales, retail, finances and other industries, helping them create the most optimized web and mobile apps, infrastructure and accompanying software products catered to their business needs and users.

The different industries we serve help us quickly grasp and understand the needs of your company and adjust to its size, complexity, goals and vision. That's one of the reasons why our clients choose to work with us.

Working with small startups consisting of just a few people, as well as leading enterprises, Klika teams work and adjust equally well in big and small settings.

We support businesses by providing talent and expertise, whether you need a product made from scratch or just assistance through particular development stages. Once we enter a partnership, we make sure to provide a robust, efficient and long-term solution. Turning vision into tangible software products for the past eight years has given us the needed edge to hone specific skills and strong independent development teams.

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Expertise we offer

How we work?

We provide high-quality solutions to complex problems

Our teams work closely with clients to fully understand their business needs and market expectations.

An architectural design proposal is the second step, giving you a clear idea of how the product is envisioned.

A Klika expert team will be assigned to you based on technological and experience requirements to build your software.

Expect all development stages to be carried out in line with the pre-defined requirements.

Communicating progress throughout the development life cycle is part of our work philosophy.

We run the software through all testing phases.

You get a product ready for delivery to the market.

We use agile methodologies to deliver high quality in a short time. An agile approach helps us prioritize, inspect and adapt accordingly, and it reduces costs and time-to-market.

Why us?

Tailored product development

Klika ensures that the product lives through all its phases, from initial scoping and design to implementation and testing. When a product is ready to be released to production, we are there to support the process, including maintenance, user training, and additional professional consulting. We own the entire process while building the product.

Shorter time to market

Klika’s team of experts ensures that the product we build meets market expectations. Fostering an agile approach, each increment we deliver adds value to the market. Such a setup reduces production costs and time-to-market while always ensuring high quality. 

High-quality work and transparency

Klika ensures that software fully meets quality requirements and user expectations. We provide services to help clients deliver quality software in quick releases. We work with projects of any size and complexity, making sure products are bug and glitch-free and all quality standards are met before product release.

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