Software QA and Testing for glitch-free releases

Klika’s well-trained and experienced QA experts can assist you with your testing needs, helping you meet important deadlines, reduce downtime and save in costs.

From our engineering hubs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we guided many companies through entire testing lifecycles, helping them identify issues, implement efficient procedures and automate testing processes.

Klika testing services aim to ensure that software fully meets quality requirements and user expectations. Klika provides testing services to help clients deliver quality software in quick releases. We work with projects of any size and complexity, making sure products are bug and glitch-free.

From fully managed testing services to assistance during peak loads, our Quality Assurance experts are able to join in at any stage of product development and identify any problems related to security, performance or deviation from the requirements. They make sure that all quality standards are met before product release.

 Fostering an agile approach, our QA experts are well-organized and experienced in working in different setups and quickly adapt to different settings, blending in naturally with your team.

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Expertise we offer

Automation and manual testing

Klika provides manual and automated testing to ensure testing processes run smoothly and error-free. Our QA engineers are well-versed in web, mobile and API automation and provide innovative testing strategies which save valuable time, minimize risk and reduce costs.

Different types of testing

Our QA experts have extensive experience in running different types of tests. Depending on the project requirements, we are able to deliver end-to-end testing, UI testing, mobile, web, and backend testing on all kinds of platforms.

Dedicated QA team

Klika’s QA augmentation services can help you rapidly and cost-effectively grow your testing team. To provide top-notch testing services, Klika QA experts tailor testing approaches unique to your needs, always aiming to improve product performance and optimize testing processes. We rely on the latest technologies and tools to meet the needs of your product and users. Working with our clients side by side for years, we are able to quickly adjust to your way of work and overall business needs.

On-demand software testing

As a full-scale software solutions provider, we have the needed resources to match companies with QA talent that is best suited for their specific QA needs. Our on-demand full-time QA experts can swiftly jump in and help you meet production deadlines and the highest quality standards. Embracing agile methodologies, we provide an array of solutions, including test-driven development, automation testing, and more.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

We use CI/CD to help the code stay functional, testable and transparent. We deploy production-ready chunks of software to help spot bugs easier and fix them faster. In that way, valuable software is constantly delivered to clients, making the entire process smoother and better.

Tools we use


How we work?

We come up with a testing proposal

We develop a testing proposal in line with the requirements and your software infrastructure. Our QA team defines the testing scope, client’s requirements, test strategy, test reporting, test processes and test procedures.

We identify your requirements and testing needs 

We start by gathering requirements to find out as much as we can about your product, expectations, and the current testing procedures you use to create a testing proposal that caters to your specific needs.

We can scale the team smoothly during peak loads

Peak loads are common during the active stages of test execution, and if you happen to need an extra pair of hands, we have the resources to scale our testing team cost-efficiently and timely to meet the project needs without hindrances.

We take charge of the entire testing lifecycle

When the testing proposal is agreed on, the designated QA and testing team commits to the project. From test design to test execution, we take care of the entire testing cycle. Our QA team makes sure to keep you in the loop through each project stage, communicating daily progress, potential issues and major milestones.

Klika QAs work close with software developers

After everything is well-defined, we set up the best team based on the skillset needed. We prefer to integrate engineering teams, where QA and the development team work hand in hand. Our experience showed us that the best practice for achieving the highest quality is team integration and a high level of collaboration between QA and the development team. 

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Why us?

Cost efficiency and shorter time to market

Our QA experts have honed their skills for years, developing innovative and cost-saving testing strategies that tackle complex issues and speed up time to market. Adhering to the best testing practices and industry standards, we strive to provide long-term value for your business.

Quick start

Highly organized and agile, we make the onboarding process easy and smooth. With our QA experts quick to grasp requirements and integrate with your team, we can get you started in an instant

Testing with business continuity in mind

We are always looking for the best testing solutions that will serve you long-term and provide continuity of your business

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