Bridge skill gaps with Klika’s team extension model

We help companies overcome the complex and costly logistics of building an inhouse development team and skip exhausting recruitment processes.

We build software that redefines businesses and distrupts industries.

We have developed the Klika software team extension model to help you fill skill gaps in your tech team easily and benefit from tech experts with a versatile skillset and experience in different industries. 

Crafting powerful digital products on short timelines requires top-notch engineering expertise and a skilled and devoted team. Klika has worked on highly ambitious tech solutions side by side with startups and established tech companies, becoming a trusted partner to many of them. Our extension model is especially suitable if you are looking to scale your tech team fast or need to fill a specific tech role.

Klika experts are experienced in working in big and small teams and in different industries. Highly adaptable, they are quick to grasp the needs of your company and adjust to its size, complexity, and vision. With the agile culture we built in Klika, our software development teams are self-sufficient, keep up to date with latest tech trends and easily integrate with every team onsite and offsite.

Whether you need a team of two or a dedicated development team of 50 or 100, we can help you scale cost-efficiently and at your own pace. We design and implement robust architecture, build hardware and software and develop and optimize custom-made mobile and web applications. From full stack developers and QAs to DevOps and UX/UI services, we can cover a variety of roles. 

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Expertise we offer

Our clients

We assisted Wallfair in building blockchain technology

One of the biggest decentralized betting and gaming platforms, Wallfair, partnered with Klika to work on their blockchain-backed products.

Dominating the digital entertainment industry, Wallfair accelerates the shift of the industry to web3, focusing on interactive and highly social gaming and wagering platforms. With their proprietary WFAIR token as the digital currency, they are efficiently powering the NFT marketplace.

Klika experts designed the network architecture for Wallfair for centralizing and decentralizing data, including the development and monitoring of smart contracts and backend development according to blockchain protocols.

Klika supports the leading customer-engagement platform for omnichannel communication in the Middle East

The Dubai-based company unifies communication channels through its unique platform enabling clients to reach their customers easier across different channels. From personalized marketing to helping businesses scale their customer support services with automation and integration of multiple channels, the market giant transforms the way businesses communicate.

Providing cloud, backend and frontend expertise, the Klika team assists with the development of SMS services, voiceover, chatbots and other platform features that automate and enhance B2C communication and customer engagement.

How we work?

We work closely with our clients to fully understand their business needs and market expectations.

Klika team members communicate daily with the stakeholders and your team.

Klika assigns a dedicated Client Delivery Manager for maximum efficiency on our part.

We stay actively involved throughout the project and offer advice and feedback.

We develop the software in line with the pre-defined requirements communicating progress throughout the development life cycle.

Klika looks carefully at your requirements, project backlog and the team role you are looking for to match you with the right experts.

Our systemic approach allows us to scale up and down fast based on your evolving needs.

We adapt to your preferred methodologies and frameworks.

Why us?

Expertise in different roles and tech stacks

From software development and QA to cloud services and sophisticated architecture solutions, Klika can help you fill an array of roles offering expertise in a wide range of different technology stacks.

Capacity to scale up

Klika’s team extension model is carefully designed not only to address your current but also future needs. If you need additional hands on deck along the way, we are quick to assist you with scaling efforts and fill in when and where needed.

Hassle-free onboarding

Klika software development experts are highly organized and agile, which makes the onboarding process easy and smooth. We are quick to adjust to your team and can get you started in an instant.

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