Engage users with clever and neat UX/UI design

Create supreme user experience and build an authentic visual identity with brilliant B2B UX/UI solutions.

Klika UX/UI designers create B2B design solutions that easily integrate into the software development process and give products form and function

Our effortless and user-friendly designs have helped clients acquire and retain customers with ease across industries. From developing prototypes to reinventing existing products, Klika UX/UI design teams combine their tech knowledge and creativity to turn complex interfaces into user-friendly and enjoyable experiences.

With experts with 10+ years of experience, you can count on deep insights into user behavior and brilliant technical solutions built from a user perspective that enhance engagement and interaction with your product or app. From Information Architecture to User Interface/User Experience, we cover the entire design process for web, Android and iOS. We design products and prototypes which result in strong brand recognizability and better product quality.

Whether you are just starting out and need a design solution developed from scratch or you are looking to refresh your current interface design, Klika’s UX/UI team can help. We use up-to-date tools, techniques and technologies to solve complex user problems, and the clever and neat design solutions we provide can boost ROI and reinforce your visual identity.

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Expertise we offer

Mobile app design

We make sure your mobile app loads fast, is optimized and has a seamless user flow. We design for every user and type and size of smartphone. From architecture that is compatible with your existing systems to features that cater to your specific market, we have the expertise to cover all design needs.

UX/UI Design for web

We design complex interfaces for web apps organizing and translating complex user flows into an easy-to-use product that powerfully interacts with the user. We explore the tools and technologies that work best based on your requirements and vision, and share with you all the valuable insights we gather during market research and the product discovery stage. We adhere to the best practices in usability, utility and compatibility.

Data visualization

Best business decisions are made based on data. Klika’s UX/UI design team creates insightful dashboards and graphics to help you understand, analize, and measure information from a number of different datasets, giving you the opportunity to make important and data-driven decisions based on meaningful insights.

Tools we use

Adobe XD

Our clients

Bringing simplicity into complex digital payments system

Klika joined forces with one of the leaders in digital payments to build a mobile app compatible with the web system and large databases. Working hand in hand with the software development team, Klika UX/UI designers developed a product roadmap and smooth prototype (for Android and iOS) that included valuable customer-centric features.

To deliver a matching look and feel to the rest of client-facing applications, the same design language was used which helped enhance brand visibility. The new UX ideas introduced by Klika inspired the client to improve their design on existing web applications and empower their products with new features.

How we work?

Design library for your product

The Klika team will create and organize a visual design library with templates, patterns and layouts to help you navigate your brand and visual identity. It will also help you stay organized and implement changes easily later on.

Design support

Throughout the development process, Klika UX/UI designers stay available to the software development team, business analysts and all relevant stakeholders, helping them implement the process in line with UI standards.


We will develop a PoC and test your product on real users to identify which features need to be improved and which ones removed. The prototype will help get feedback, detect how features are utilized and how customers interact with the product.

Requirement gathering

Our UX/UI designers are a crucial part in planning and participate in the requirement gathering phase offering insights, advice on the best roadmap and QA testing.

Research and ideation

We collect qualitative and quantitative data, conduct usability testing and look into user satisfaction metrics to understand the biggest problems and frustrations your users experience. Together, we will develop and validate the most convenient information architecture and user flows to provide the foundation for product growth.

Testing and monitoring evolving user needs

We will keep tracking user satisfaction and usability by performing utility tests and listening to the evolving needs of users.

Why us?

Highly responsive products with an authentic look and feel

With very specific expertise in tech stacks, design tools and user research methodology combined with creativity, you can count on practical yet outstanding product design that will let you connect with your users on a deeper level.

End-to-end design

Klika UX/UI design teams are actively involved from start to finish in a product’s development, working closely with the development team, business analysts and clients to ensure product quality stays impeccable.

Shorter time to market

Klika ensures that the design is in line with the defined requirements and fully meets user expectations. Exceptionally self-organized, we work efficiently and can significantly shorten time to market.

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