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The Klika team creates modern ad tech and ad optimization solutions for publishers and ad operators, bringing innovative ready-to-use tools that are becoming the new industry standard. Enabling deep insights into ad performance, cost-to-revenue ratio and ad space usage, we help our clients be the pioneers of the next digital age.
With a flexible model of collaboration, we match your unique requirements. We work independently or partner with your engineering team to become an extension of your existing technical operations.

Our areas of expertise

Custom ad tech management platforms

We create powerful experiences for ad operators with custom-built ad management solutions, including no-code interface frameworks, allowing publishers and ad operators to add everything from slot size to AI optimization tools without developers’ help.

Ad campaign
optimization tools

Our team builds custom ad optimization tools for better performance, faster ad campaign setup and validation, and smoother ad placement to boost ROI and reduce ad expenses.


We have experience in building browser extensions specifically designed for ad operations, giving users additional capabilities, like inspecting ad configuration settings, optimization and more.

Third party and API integration

Our experts make sure your platform integrates well with all major third-party providers, like Google Ad Manager, Meta Ads and others, as well as your in-house systems. Our solutions support various API and cloud integrations, as well as data import and export.

Automated data and ad revenue reports

Our flexible data structure solutions enable pulling data from literally anywhere, providing accurate reports, whether you need performance reports, revenue reports or any other kind of truthful insights.

Data analytics and visualization models

We employ different toolkits to automate data acquisition and use the most suitable analytics tools to create high-quality visualization models for business intelligence, making your platform a valuable asset for informed decision-making.

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Why work with us

Problem Solving

Our teams excel at independently tackling any challenges that may arise during the development process. You can trust us to find solutions without requiring a lot of intervention. This efficiency leads to reduced development time, improved product quality and overall trust in meeting delivery milestones.

Self-Managed Teams

We operate in self-managed units, streamlining the decision-making process and increasing overall project efficiency. You can expect quicker responses to your needs and better communication between team members. This self-sufficiency ultimately results in a more agile and flexible development process and can be adapted to meet specific requirements of each project.


The team's niche expertise in various domains and technologies allows us to cater to the unique needs of each client. It ensures that we have a deep understanding of the tools and frameworks required for successful software development, leading to more effective and efficient processes.

Business Domain

Dedicated to thoroughly immersing themselves in your business domain, our team ensures a comprehensive understanding of the specific needs and requirements of the products under development. This knowledge empowers the team to create software solutions customized to your business, pinpointing potential challenges and opportunities for enhancement.

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