Tech solutions that increase revenue for ad operators

Monetize better, faster, and at a lower cost with an optimized ad management

Our client’s backstory

Our client is a full-service digital ad operations company​ that builds tools to help publishers grow their revenue and optimize ad space. They offer software solutions and services that help publishers achieve advertising-related revenue goals​.

Developing shortcuts to the best datasets and making smooth configuration possible, the company attracted many smaller and large publishers who saw immediate value from the service. Their solutions are practical and efficient, maximizing benefits for their customers.

After a few years, the company decided it was time for a major product upgrade and new services that create new opportunities for revenue increase for advertisers and publishers through automation and optimization at a lower cost.

They started working with Klika to reach their new business goals, and our team quickly became the core development team behind the software solutions, allowing us to build our niche expertise in the ad industry. 

The challenges

Since we came on board after a product had already been launched, we needed to look into all the features and decide which ones were worth keeping, which were redundant, and which could be modified or added to refresh the system.

To make the platform more compact, we had to simplify the ad tech software for easier use and enable configuration with no-code interface, real-time bidding with near-to-zero latency, configuration of various ad formats, cross-platform compatibility, and data privacy protection and compliance. To efficiently manage and optimize ad inventory, we had to think out of the box to scrutinize large volumes of data.

The other complementary solution we developed was focused on automated reports and valuable data insights. The complex part was making the platform understand all data sources and aggregate and transform them automatically so users can pull them at any time from anywhere.  

Klika solution

We first analyzed the existing software and set up a team to work closely with the client on changes and system modifications. We agreed on a Scrum-driven work model to ensure we respond to market feedback and reprioritize efficiently.

The system is an ad tech code manager. We simplified it first by erasing, modifying, adding necessary features, and automating processes to provide a no-code interface. This allowed publishers to control the configuration and tweak ad slot level settings such as accepted creative sizes, key-value pairs, CLS mitigation, ad refresh, and viewability optimization. The new system provided greater flexibility, making ad loading seamless and management of ad technology superfluous.

To efficiently manage and optimize ad inventory and deal with large data sets, we developed algorithms that predict and allocate inventory and maximize revenue.

We also developed a separate but complementary solution to offer publishers and advertisers a unique tool for automated revenue reports. Our team created a flexible data structure that makes easy-to-read revenue reports available upon request​. The revenue reporting system for publishers required high compatibility with different systems and third parties to pull data from anywhere. We enabled connection with 80+ programmatic platforms and around 200 API connectors to get there.

Our UX/UI experts developed a user-friendly experience for both products, further increasing the software's appeal and the company’s brand. 


The ad tech manager platform and the accompanying reporting system became a game changer for many big publishing houses and smaller ad organizations, helping them manage campaigns and revenues more efficiently and at lower costs. The quality of the ad optimization and revenue reporting software helped our client win over small and big digital advertising customers, incredibly individual publishers, independent ad operators, and multisite networks, all loyal partners to our client now.

Technology stack

Node.js, Express.js, Pyhton3, Sequalize, MySQL, SQLAlchemy, Prebid.js​, Vue.js, Socket.IO, Plotly.js, Handsontable​. Python, Flask, Celery, Selenium, Postgres, Redis, AWS, Travis, Figma