Intuitive education technology for schools and businesses

Klika provides effortless EdTech solutions for educational institutions and businesses, fueling efficiency and better resource optimization. Our web and mobile applications are designed to boost engagement and collaboration, helping staff and teams thrive in their roles.
With a flexible model of collaboration, we match your unique requirements. We work independently or partner with your engineering team to become an extension of your existing technical operations.

Our areas of expertise

EdTech platforms for schools and educational institutions

Klika experts build educator edtech platforms with numerous automated features that shorten administrative processes and keep information in one place. All our solutions are configurable and can be integrated with existing school systems.

Assessment tools for organizations

With years-long experience in developing agility assessment tools, we can provide our clients with a neat system that lets them track team progress, individual growth, assess the impact of management tools and more.

Modernization and upgrade of existing education platforms

If you already have a system in place that needs a makeover, we can jump in at any stage of the process and tweak your existing platform to fit the latest industry standards, including ML and AI implementation.


Klika mobile developers can design and develop seamless native and cross-platform mobile apps that smoothly connect to the central database and enable completing tasks on the go.

and plugins

We ensure our solutions are compatible with third-party tools and external databases allowing automated data transfers from different sources.

Data visualization
for BI 

With extensive knowledge and training in Power BI, Tableau, D3.j.s., our data scientist teams combine knowledge and technology to deliver user-friendly data visualization models in all forms to bring specific metrics to the foreground.

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Agility assessment platform that helps  organizations increase efficiency and ROI 
A sophisticated evaluation system that educators love 

Why work with us

Problem Solving

Our teams excel at independently tackling any challenges that may arise during the development process. You can trust us to find solutions without requiring a lot of intervention. This efficiency leads to reduced development time, improved product quality and overall trust in meeting delivery milestones.

Self-Managed Teams

We operate in self-managed units, streamlining the decision-making process and increasing overall project efficiency. You can expect quicker responses to your needs and better communication between team members. This self-sufficiency ultimately results in a more agile and flexible development process and can be adapted to meet specific requirements of each project.


The team's niche expertise in various domains and technologies allows us to cater to the unique needs of each client. It ensures that we have a deep understanding of the tools and frameworks required for successful software development, leading to more effective and efficient processes.

Business Domain

Dedicated to thoroughly immersing themselves in your business domain, our team ensures a comprehensive understanding of the specific needs and requirements of the products under development. This knowledge empowers the team to create software solutions customized to your business, pinpointing potential challenges and opportunities for enhancement.

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