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A sophisticated evaluation system that educators love

Our client’s backstory

Our client is a well-known EdTech provider developing software solutions for educational institutions across the USA. Their distinct approach to building platforms for schools and colleges has won them one or the other awards in the field, underlining the importance of digital solutions and the client’s role in the educational system.

When they decided to build an online evaluation system for educators, they hired Klika to design and develop a teacher-oriented platform for elementary and high schools. The online platform was to cover a range of teacher needs and easily integrate with other school systems and any existing databases and applications.

The goal was to enable teaching staff to track all their activities better and help them with their daily, weekly, monthly, and annual duties. 

The challenges

Defining a wide range of evaluation criteria and addressing various educational requirements across different school districts was an essential first step for the client. All schools work differently, and they all have their own set of rules and evaluation criteria. To ensure the solution fits different school environments, customizable features were vital to make the system available for broader use.

As the software development team, we needed to enable customization at all levels (management, school administration, teachers) and ensure that the diverse evaluation criteria were all brought under one cohesive system.

From the beginning, we had to plan for scalability and ensure the system supports large user bases, especially during peak evaluation seasons. We wanted to eliminate any downtime and avoid user frustration.

Integration with existing school platforms and other third parties was crucial to ensure the system captured everything needed. UX/UI needed to be straightforward and clean to make the central dashboard easy to understand and use, so we focused on automation and one or two-click solutions.  

Klika solution

Analyzing the requirements and the EdTech market, we started with designing a lightweight, easily scalable architecture that offers generous customization options. We ensured the system addresses all integral components that cut bureaucratic tasks in half and make teachers’ work more accessible and fun.

Keeping in mind that the system was aimed primarily at non-tech users, we automated a lot of features and focused on one-click solutions whenever possible. Our development team ensured that all categories were easily visible and available in just a few steps.

Adding different features like goal planning, self-assessment, progress tracking, summative evaluations, compliance management, etc., we ensured the system is a magic toolbox of tricks that increases efficiency and offers a better insight into student performance, self-performance, lesson plans, weekly, quarterly or annual goals, student information, and anything else vital for tracking one’s own and students’ work.

Besides integrating with different systems, we enabled easy document and video upload and automatically generated reports to help staff keep everything in one place. Reminder and alert settings were also part of the package.

Overall, the system is a reliable companion and intelligent assistant to all staff members.  


The evaluation system for educators spread quickly as a convenient software solution across numerous US school districts, mostly known for reducing bureaucratic tasks and supporting teaching staff in everyday work.

The solution is used across public and private schools, winning over users with straightforward navigation, customizable features, and all-around system capabilities.

Technology stack

.net core, Java