July 15, 2021

43 Onetime Incentive Scholarships In The Amount of BAM 1000 – The Klika Foundation invites students to APPLY!

We at Klika believe that, as one of the biggest IT companies in BiH, we cannot and may not exist outside the community we are a part of. Part of our mission is being committed to improving our community, and we continually find ways to be engaged and involved, as you can see on our social media and website: from humanitarian aid causes our employees support on a monthly basis through our Klika Solidarity Fund to good-cause projects we have taken upon ourselves, i.e., facilitating the processes and workflows of organizations like Pomozi.ba and certain academic institutions.

Within the concept of Klika Foundation, as the crown jewel of our continuous commitment to the well-being of our broader community, we are proud to announce our next Klika Foundation project - a Scholarship Programme for students attending any of the faculties or academies at the University of Sarajevo or the University of Banja Luka.

The goal of the Scholarship Programme is to support college students and young people seeking an education in any field or industry at the two biggest public universities regardless of their social background. We believe that investing proportionally in all segments of society and creating opportunities for ambitious young people who still lack adequate support can move us forward as a society. Therefore, we are inviting all students attending any faculty or academy at the University of Sarajevo or the University of Banja Luka who will enter their final year of studies in the upcoming academic year 2021/2022 (whether they are in their first or second cycle of studies) to send us their CV and Motivational Letter at stipendije@klika.ba.

We are looking for actively involved, talented young people who are passionate about their future professions and are working on their career development plans and strive to create opportunities for themselves and their colleagues. Show us your best side through either a story about your volunteer/work engagement, projects and initiatives you took part in or an awesome idea you have.

Please send an email or a drive/Wetransfer link with your application along with the following attachments (scanned pdf documents/photographs -files not larger than 10 MB): 
A Recommendation Letter (if any)
Proof of volunteer engagement /work engagement, projects or initiatives you took part in (if any)
Education certificates, course or training completion certificates (if any)
GPA up until the moment you apply for the last academic year 2020/2021
Please note that the GPA will not be a decisive factor since we are looking for outstanding young people who are ready to be the leaders of social change, experts in their professional fields, innovators and an inspiration to others.

The one-time scholarship incentive is BAM 1,000 per student. First and second cycle students who are about to enter their final year of studies at the University of Sarajevo and the University of Banja Luka are eligible and the scholarship recipients will be selected based on the criteria we defined above. The scholarships will be awarded at a ceremony at KLIKA at the beginning of the upcoming academic year.   
APPLICATION DEADLINE: 15 August 2021 at 11:59 PM

For any additional questions, we are at your disposal. Contact us via our official email addresses found on our website or send your inquiry via social media. We are looking forward to your application and encourage you to introduce yourself to the Klika Foundation Board.