Quality and Information Security Policy

Last updated: November, 2022
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KLIKA doo Sarajevo is one of the leading software development and embedded systems solution providers in the area of document management system. The company is equipped to respond to technology needs of any organization, regardless of its size and type of operations and committed to improving its competitiveness on an ongoing basis.

KLIKA doo Sarajevo works towards achieving the following goals:

1. Assigning strategic project status to the quality management system and security of information implementation process;

2. The management of the company and all employees of Klika doo Sarajevo shall be required to comply with the laws of BiH;

3. Development of new and application of existing technologies, continually expanding our domain of activities;

4. Prioritizing the satisfaction of our current and future clients and meeting their requirement with ongoing monitoring activities, given that our clients’ success is our success

5. Building high-quality and long-term partnerships and cooperations with all partners, suppliers and distributors, given that good collaboration is crucial to ensuring better quality and security of information.

6. Providing security of information, good working conditions and satisfaction of all employees.

7. Continuous professional development of employees

8. Ongoing improvement and enhancement of quality management system and information security in line with ISO standard requirements ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013;

9. Using modern development methods to enhance market competitiveness and achieve business profitability;

10. Expansion into new markets, bearing in mind careful selection of strategic partners;

11. Protection of information assets to prevent unauthorized access;

12. Ensuring confidentiality of information assets;

13. Maintaining the integrity of information through prevention of unauthorized changes.

To achieve all the above-mentioned goals of quality and security policies, full cooperation and maximum contribution from all employees is required.

Samir Eljazović

Chief Executive Officer - Klika Sarajevo d.o.o.

KLIKA 5.2-01/rev.11/22