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We do our part when it comes to community engagement and we hope to pave the way with the best CSR practices to inspire others to do the same.

We never miss an opportunity to contribute to our community and we always take the extra step to create positive social change, whether it’s supporting charity work, partnering with NGOs, contributing to education or raising awareness about equal opportunities

To make an impact and do more for the community, we created the Klika Foundation, merging together all our CSR initiatives into one major platform to support various causes and advocate for change in a systemic way.

One step at a time towards a society that grows from diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion have always been at the core of the Klika culture, deeply ingrained in the company’s system since its humble beginnings in 2015. We strongly believe that different people, be it their gender, nationality, religion, cultural background, country of origin, sexual orientation, race, education, world-view, experience, when brought together in a supportive and respectful environment, can create great things together.

Our strategy has been built around three major pillars to stay actively involved in the areas we care about. 

Increasing opportunities for inclusive community development

Through sponsorships, charity, collaborations with nonprofit organizations and educational institutions, as well as creating a culture that encourages volunteering, KLIKA brings positive change to the community. 

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2022

Klika has always been committed to community development, supporting many great causes, activities and individuals throughout the years. In 2022, we invested more, and more systemically, creating many great things together with our local community partners.
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Supporting education

Klika supports university students, educational institutions and fresh graduates in different ways.

The KLIKA Foundation Scholarship program for university students supports young people from diverse backgrounds in BiH to achieve their educational and professional goals.

With the KLIKA PRAKSA training, taking place two times a year, the company helps young people set foot in the competitive IT industry.

Klika partners regularly with Electrical Engineering faculties to help equip and modernize labs and classrooms.  

Contribution to social sustainability

We reduce and recycle as much of the waste as possible and play an active part in green initiatives. Klika is committed to implementing activities for raising environmental awareness and improving digital responsibility.

Klika’s overall CSR strategy includes some of the top SDGs outlined by the UN, and the current CSR program aligns most closely with the following ten UN SDGs: 

No poverty

Quality Education

Gender equality

Reduced inequalities

Climate action

Life on land

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Sustainable cities and communities

Decent work and economic growth

Peace, justice and strong institutions

This is what we have done so far

At Klika, we believe in making a positive impact in the communities where we work and live. Fostering positive social changes in our community shows dedication and selflessness to inspire, move and give back so others might follow and do the same.

Klika’s way to #giveback

The commitment to community progress and advancement is at the heart of Klika's business. Therefore, the company's engagement extends from continuously supporting charity ...
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