Social Media

A custom social media platform designed for football fans

Building an online football community for fans, clubs and players

Our client’s backstory

Driven by one of the most passionate sports in the world, the founders wanted to build a unique platform that unites football fans worldwide into a single community where they can share content and communicate with clubs, players, and each other online.

Once the idea became an actionable plan, they partnered with Klika to build a seamless social media platform for the football community to create an immersive user experience through cool and engaging features.  

The challenges

The platform required a sophisticated social connectivity framework that would encourage users to connect with fellow football fans, favorite players, and teams in a friendly way. Functionalities allowing for follower interactions, comments, and sharing were essential to making the online community a vibrant and engaging space.

With social interaction as the central concept behind it, we had to ensure the design was impeccable, supporting smooth interaction on multiple levels and a clean navigation menu through all the features.

Getting the latest matches, scores, and football news updates required an efficient data integration plan to provide accurate and real-time data, regardless of complexity. 

Klika solution

The application’s release date was only six months from our collaboration's start. To meet the deadline, we created a detailed backlog and roadmap to define all milestones and predict any setbacks.

We started with a robust architecture design that would support all kinds of data formats and features, providing users with the most intuitive and enjoyable experience and allowing different forms of interaction.

From sign-up to logout, our team ensured all features were highly responsive and engaging, giving the community all the tools they needed to build relationships with the players, their favorite clubs, and each other. Fans could easily follow player or club updates, their posts, and scores and participate in the community through text status sharing, chats, comments, uploads, and more.

We added an extra set of features (admin panel included) for players and football clubs to facilitate building and managing fanbases and followership, allowing them better control over their activities and public image building. Besides real-time data integration, we ensured the platform supports multimedia content, including photos, videos, and live streams, giving users a comprehensive insight into different types of content.

Klika mobile developers designed an equally engaging experience for native iOS and Android users with all the functionalities and features available on smartphones. The application quickly became a fan favorite, appealing to the football communities across the globe. 


The application attracted multitudes of users, especially during major football tournaments and peak seasons. It allowed fans to be at the forefront of all significant events and news and snatch exclusive peaks of players’ opinions, posts, interviews, etc. On the other hand, it became a dedicated space for clubs and players to reach new fans and personally keep in touch with their loyal fanbase.