A traffic assistance mobile app as a white label solution

Developing a marketable application for next-gen B2B and B2G mobility solutions

Our client’s backstory

As one of the most successful Austrian tech companies globally, our client is a pioneer and leader in mobility solutions, pushing industry limits and standards with innovation and new ideas every day. The company develops solutions that enhance urban mobility, traffic management, tolling and connected vehicle systems, all the while putting sustainability and efficiency at the forefront.

They focus on B2B and B2G solutions and have worked with most governments in Europe and several in the USA, Brazil, India, Australia, Algeria, and many more, bringing the best practices and sophisticated infrastructure systems to the roads across continents.

Shifting their focus to the finest technologies and connected vehicles, the company decided to build a new-age and highly intuitive mobile application that would assist drivers and public transport operators in navigating commutes and routes based on traffic data of all kinds.

Based on our previous experience in the mobility industry and extensive expertise in mobile application development, the company chose Klika among eight other competitors to design and develop the app that would represent a pivotal moment for the company.  

The challenges

The client’s limited experience in building mobile applications of this kind meant that they were tapping in unfamiliar territory and needed a strong team to consult them on the different aspects of mobile design and development, maintenance and security protocols, which work differently for mobile than the more familiar web applications.

The company’s traffic management and traffic control systems that were to serve as data points were, up until then, designed for static devices and the team had to come up with a protocol to make it work with a dynamic device such as a smartphone. The Klika team had to find innovative ways around the complexities and enable data integration from those devices with the mobile app.

Another aspect to be taken into account was the client’s goal to make the application marketable to other businesses and not just brand it as their own. We had to make sure customization features were fitting a wide array of different styles and business needs to make it relevant for other companies. 

Klika solution

Since the project was complex and ambitious with a short deadline, we assembled a full-fledged dedicated team consisting of iOS and Android developers, QAs, a scrum master and an engineering lead to meet the ambitious requirements and deliver continuous results. From the get go, we developed a great collaboration and team dynamics with the client based on transparent communication and trust, enabling us to establish a comfortable work environment for everyone involved.

The traffic assistance mobile app was built from scratch, for both iOS and Android, offering an array of interesting and fun features that keep drivers informed and engaged. Besides GPS capabilities, it gives accurate information on road conditions, road equipment, the weather, warning signs, crashes, road works, as well as speed limits and cameras.

We also added predictive features that can warn drivers or help them catch all the green lights in urban traffic.

Thanks to several software tweaks, we managed to establish a steady and reliable flow of communication between the static-prone proprietary traffic management and traffic control systems and the dynamic mobile application.

Further on, we made sure the app has white label potential to make it easily marketable to different businesses. From the get-go, we ensured the architecture is light, scalable and flexible and supports dozens of customization and personalization options.

Since the client had limited experience with mobile development, we made it our mission to help them understand UX/UI mobile architecture, recommending next steps, best practices and approaches, as well as necessary security protocols to help them overcome the common traps of software development. In this way, we were able to set up the needed groundwork for the collaboration that was ahead of us.

The mobile app was released within a four-month period and conquered the market pretty fast with many businesses in the USA, Europe and the Middle East adding it to their services. The simple configuration setup, an appealing interface and relevant yet interesting features make the application a true winner in the mobility market.  


The application is becoming an inseparable part of B2B mobility services and is gaining significant recognizability in different parts of the world. The app is on its way to becoming an all-around navigation app with innovative and world-altering features that will be in parallel with today’s most famous navigation apps.

Klika is still working with the client as a tech partner and is currently developing an SDK for connected vehicles, which is designed as a refined B2B solution for clients all over the world.  

Technology stack

Swift, MVVM, SwiftUI, Mapbox, Realm, Firebase, SwiftLint, SonarQube, CoreLocation, SwiftProtobuf, ATestFlight, Appium, Kotlin, XML View, SQLite, Kotlinter, Retrofit, OkHttp, Detekt, AppleStore, Google Play Store