Building solutions that overcome vulnerabilities of the US long-term care system

Connecting care seekers to better service with custom software solutions for fair and transparent care options in the USA

Our client’s backstory

With decades of experience in healthcare, insurance, and the long-term care market, our client is a well-known name in the USA, providing the aging population with retirement plans, finances, healthcare, and general well-being solutions as they enter a new stage of their lives.

Shifting its focus on long-term care options, the company launched a customer-centric service that connects care providers and care seekers, emphasizing a personalized approach, meeting individual needs and better access to professional care services based on personal preferences.

Looking to overcome faulty system gaps, like complex processes and subpar services that hinder quality care, the company made it its mission to design a customized system that focuses on quality care through building a reputable network of caregivers, facilities, and institutions care seekers can opt for based on their individual needs, unique pain points and preferences.

To design a system that powers a superior experience, our client decided to go with a custom software solution and opted for Klika as a tech partner to build a user-friendly and easily accessible web application that brings caregivers and care seekers together, helping them make informed decisions based on transparent information and reliable sources.  

The challenges

One of the first steps was identifying user needs and removing bottlenecks that lead to customer frustration when using similar systems. To eliminate all the shortcomings and build a superior platform, the Klika team needed to provide a clear roadmap that addressed all potential problems with a clear solution that enabled smooth dataflows and procured the best results based on search parameters.

Besides easy navigation and an appealing user experience, our team needed to ensure the platform was resilient and easily scalable to support an extensive network of users. Plus, the platform required building a headless CMS in the background that would enable the flexibility to manage content and digital assets, allowing for reusing and repurposing content and easy integration with third parties in just a few steps.  

Klika solution

Understanding that user experience is a defining factor; we worked closely with the client to design a robust architecture that supports meticulous system performance regardless of the number of users.

We set up two teams (a full stack and a data science team) to build a dynamic web application and a powerful data and analytics engine that allows numerous parameters to be added, adjusted, and tweaked. With the system being dynamic and clearly defined protocols, it can cover a wide range of needs and preferences with many choices for caregivers and care seekers.

Integrating analytics and data tools enabled care seekers to search by nearest location, allowing them to connect with facilities close to their homes or their loved ones.

Our team further facilitated the self-onboarding experience by adding alerts and smart notifications to help users complete their profiles and easily find their best match on the platform.

To improve efficiency across the client’s team, we designed and built a headless CMS that smoothly and actively communicates with the web application. The dynamic CMS is highly flexible and gives the marketing team complete control over content and SEO configurations. The team can create customer touchpoints easily, handle complex content requirements faster, and integrate the entire system hassle-free with marketing automation, analytics, and other programs to create better customer experiences. 


The dynamic web application with the integrated smart data system enables long-term care institutions, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, retirement centers, independent living facilities, and hospices to register their services and present themselves in a personalized way. So far, the platform has connected tens of thousands of individuals to their preferred care providers, and it continues to attract new care providers and new users to register and examine all the options.

Technology stack

next.js, .net, Azure, Python, PowerPages, Synapse pipelines, SQL Server