People and Vehicle Access

Increasing revenue for parking providers with modern access solutions

How we helped our client build a parking validation system that attracts thousands of hotels, shopping malls and other facilities with parking management

Our client’s backstory

The company is an international leader in access solutions for people and vehicles and operates in more than 100 countries. Their stellar installations can be spotted in various stadiums, ski resorts, airports, shopping malls, etc. Navigating people and vehicle access via smart applications allows for more flexibility, easier crowd management and faster movement, which makes this market a promising growth area, especially with hotels, resorts, entertainment venues and parking lots.

Our client is one of the biggest providers in people and vehicle access solutions, enabling facilities and commercial properties to keep people and vehicle flows smooth, safe and reliable.

As their long-term partner, Klika helps them meet the market’s growing demands in terms of software solutions, QA processes and application development. Working on the client’s core services, our team was put in charge of developing and improving a parking validation system that doesn’t require physical access and boosts business opportunities with different parking providers and operators.  

The challenges

As a market leader that pushes for innovation, the client wanted a polished super-modern parking validation system that overcomes the challenges of outdated parking systems and brings new value to parking users and parking providers.

The new solution was to encourage hotels, shopping malls and other facilities with notable parking capacities to enhance their customer service and grow their revenue with better and smoother parking possibilities. 

Klika solution

As the development team on the project, we took charge of the entire software development life cycle, including QA and end-to-end testing. We defined the requirements and specifics and set up agile processes to give our client a transparent insight into all development stages and milestones.

Our team built the main application suite, including the web, mobile and kiosk version, which are all interconnected and streamline and sync all activities on both, the visitor and parking operator side, allowing both to manage access via a single data point. The parking validation system allows for a contactless experience, eliminating the back-and-forth between ticket scanning, parking system and the parking operator. We made the validation process short, on point and easy to grasp with no extra steps to ensure an effortless experience for all users.

The kiosk version was specifically designed for Android tablets and is meant to help parking operators streamline the validation process, while the mobile application (both iOS and Android) was designed for parking users, enabling them to run the entire process from the mobile app.

We used Angular and .net solutions to build the web platform, while we relied on Flutter to develop a cross-platform mobile app that would support both Android and iOS systems. We oversaw all system components, including data storage, security protocols and UX/UI.

The Klika team also enhanced reporting functions, giving a better insight into long-term and short-term parking capacity, cash management, and we enabled awesome features like loyalty bonus points for return customers, rewards, and validation quotas.

One of the key features we developed was easy integration of multiple parking facilities form different providers that enabled businesses to form a network and build partnerships across their community.   


The system is still relatively new, but it keeps attracting new hotels, ski resorts, office buildings, shopping malls and other commercial facilities at a rapid rate. Currently, it has thousands of active users and the validation rate per minute is more than 50, according to year-to-date data. Klika is working on new updates, features and system maintenance, making sure users are taken care of.

Technology stack

.Net, Angular, Flutter, Jira, TestBench, ReadyAPI