June 03, 2022

Klika celebrates the beginning of a new era for the company at the Botanical Garden of the National Museum

IT company Klika officially presented its new visual identity that has been in the works for the past few months, marking a new phase of the company’s development.

The new visual identity launch was an excellent opportunity for a get-together organized for all Klika employees at a spectacular spring event that took place last Friday at the Botanical Garden of the National Museum in Sarajevo.
Klika celebrates the beginning of a new era for the company at the Botanical Garden of the National Museum
The company rebrand is not only about visual changes, but it also marks a new development phase for the company and breaking into the global market. From its beginnings, Klika intended to continuously adapt its business model by using all information available in its surrounding, carefully listening to the business ecosystem and feeling the pulse of the community we work in, while at the same time, watching for changes in the global market to be able to respond to new requirements and challenges in front of us.
Deljkić Edin, the CEO of the Klika Group.

The rebrand will additionally highlight Klika’s key values that the company was founded on, putting people, clients, life, freedom, and the future in the focus.

Our people are the foundation of our company’s success, and this year, we want to additionally emphasize their role and significance as we grow and develop. Therefore, the all-around strategy of the company was formed around employee needs in all our activities. Expanding our HR team to include roles that solely focus on providing support to our employees in all segments is just one of the steps towards that goal. Simultaneously, we are in the process of developing a unique educational program that will exclusively focus on the personal, technical and professional development of the people and teams in the company, allowing us to continuously keep track of employee needs in a way that will help us respond to all requirements of tomorrow regarding work model, flexibility, freedom, inclusion, and diversity.
Klika celebrates the beginning of a new era for the company at the Botanical Garden of the National Museum
To the wider public, Klika is known as a company that puts the support of the local BiH community high on its priority list. Having one of the strongest CSR programs in the country, including scholarships for students from all faculties at the universities of Sarajevo and Banja Luka, the company will be involved even more this year to help community development through different project implementations. Aware of the significance of the IT industry and its transformative role in all segments of our everyday life, Klika will be focusing on projects that will contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to help our country reach the highest global standards in all segments of social and sustainable development.

“In the end, the turbulent market changes that were inevitable and all activities we did last years, taught us that lessons learned today can be used to plan for a better tomorrow, and with a series of better tomorrows, we create a path towards a better future, along with our people, our clients, our surrounding and the freedoms we exercise.“
Over 300 guests that make up the Klika community, mainly Klika employees along with their families and friends, attended the marvelous spring event last Friday. Klika representatives say that they are excited to expand their community beyond BiH borders as previously announced.

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