March 11, 2022

Klika representatives at Dubai Expo 2020 as part of the BiH delegation

The BiH Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020 found at the Opportunity District is attracting a lot of attention and visitors with the presentation and all our country has to offer.

Dubai Expo 2020 is a huge opportunity for the BiH economy, especially the IT industry that is one of the fastest-growing industries in BiH and has big potential to compete on the global scene with its talent and expertise.

This is the fourth group from BiH to visit and present at Dubai Expo 2020. Supported by the Ministry of Economy of the Sarajevo Canton and headed by its Minister Adnan Delić , the Delegation presented our country at this major event under BiH’s slogan Heart-shaped Opportunity.

Previously, we had our CEO Edin Deljkić visit Dubai Expo 2020, and now, our CTO Zaharije Pašalić, CDO Maja Mameledžija, and BDA Maja Mujezinović, got to be BiH’s ambassadors and connect with businesses and potential business partners from all over the world.  
Klika representatives at Dubai Expo 2020 as part of the BiH delegation
Before the trip, our CDO and Klika cofounder, Maja Mameledžija, gave a statement, where she highlighted the importance of being part of the Dubai Expo for Klika and BiH IT companies in general: 
It is extremely important to have the opportunity to present Klika and the BiH IT industry at the Dubai Expo 2020. Apart from preparing to be a part of the bh. Pavilion, we also used the time before the trip to schedule as many meetings as we could with potential clients, and that’s where we see the biggest value for each of the companies that participate. We believe that we will present our country in the best light during our time here, but also break into new markets and extend our company’s project portfolio
said Klika’s cofounder and CDO, Maja Mameledžija
Klika also had the opportunity to actively participate and promote BiH’s IT industry and business opportunities at two key events (among others), the Business Forum at the BiH Pavilion; and the visit to the prominent Sharjah Park for research, development and innovation (the SRTI Park).

Klika participated in the Business Forum at BiH’s Pavilion

In cooperation with the Commerce Chamber of Dubai, a Business Forum at the BiH Pavilion was organized on March 7, 2022. The Business Forum helped Bosnia and Herzegovina position itself as an incredible opportunity for potential investors. The event highlighted all the best points that make Bosnia and Herzegovina an attractive business hub and all the benefits investors can gain.

Klika representatives had the opportunity to present our company and talk about all the possibilities and opportunities that our company and country offer when it comes to the IT industry. 
Klika representatives at Dubai Expo 2020 as part of the BiH delegation
A Visit to the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI Park)
The BiH Delegation led by the Cantonal Minister, Edin Forto, visited the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI Park). The SRTI Park is one of the most prominent hubs for research and development in the Middle East. In its short five years, it became home to over 90 companies and counted over 20,000 annual visits before the pandemic. Their experience can certainly be a source of inspiration for similar developments in BiH. During the visit, each BiH company had the opportunity to present themselves, so it was another excellent platform for our Klika representatives to talk about Klika, its achievements and future goals.

The BiH Pavilion counts 110,000 visits so far, and the number will certainly increase by the end of March when the Dubai Expo will officially close after six exciting months. We hope we will be back next year.