November 15, 2022

Klika Scholarship results
for 2022 are in!

We are pleased to announce the results of the second-generation scholarship recipients within the Klika Foundation concept. 

About Klika Scholarships
In 2021, we introduced Klika scholarships with the goal to support college students and young people seeking an education in any field or industry at the two biggest public universities (University of Sarajevo and University of Banja Luka), regardless of their social background. We believe that investing proportionally in all segments of society and creating opportunities for ambitious young people who still lack adequate support can move us forward as a society. We consider young people to be an important pillar of our society that will shape their respective professional fields in the future and take on an active role in our local and broader community.
Scholarship results 2022/2023
The Klika Committee finalized the selection process and selected the scholarship recipients for the academic year 2022/2023. Out of the 217 applications, the following 38 students were selected:

University of

Academy of Fine Arts – Sergej Macar

Academy of Performing Arts – No applicant met the requirements not met

Faculty of Administration – Senida Subašić

Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science – Emina Vlahovljak

Faculty of Architecture – Marija Popović

Faculty of Catholic Theology - Gabrijel Pavlović

Faculty of Civil Engineering – Ema Tutić

Faculty of Criminalistics, Criminology and Security Studies – Faris Dževlan

Faculty of Dentistry with Clinics – Amina Selimović

Faculty of Economics and Business - Adna Tabaković

Faculty of Electrical Engineering - Jalal Romano

Faculty of Forestry – Nedim Nogo

Faculty of Health Studies – Vedina Kučuković

Faculty of Islamic Sciences – Adna Sefer

Faculty of Law – Adna Mujić

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – Merima Dželilović

Faculty of Medicine – Faruk Gutić

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics – No applicant met the requirements

Faculty of Pedagogy – Nives Pirija

Faculty of Pharmacy – Ilma Huduti

Faculty of Philosophy – Faris Dervić

Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo – Mustafa Mujkić

Faculty of Sports and Physical Education – No applicants

Faculty of Transport and Communication – Velida Vračo

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Amina Jusić

Music Academy – Ivona Pejčinović

University of
Banja Luka

Academy of Arts – Stefan Lopandić

Faculty of Agriculture - Đorđe Đurđević

Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy – Nikolina Kostrešević

Faculty of Economics – Miodrag Kočić

Faculty of Electrical Engineering – Vanja Đenadija

Faculty of Forestry – Dragan Koljanin

Faculty of Law - Sara Mandić

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – Nebojša Ivić

Faculty of Medicine - Stefan Božić

Faculty of Mining – No applicants

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics - Marijana Jorgić

Faculty of Philology – Milica Polić

Faculty of Philosophy – Marija Maksimović

Faculty of Political Sciences – Aleksandra Jovandić

Faculty of Physical Education and Sports – Jovan Prolić

Faculty of Security Sciences – No applicant met the requirements

Faculty of Technology – Bojana Milinković

We’d like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who applied and congratulate them on their extraordinary achievements and engagement in the academic and broader community, and special congrats to our scholarship recipients. We are looking forward to meeting you in person at the Scholarship Award Ceremony on 21 November 2022 at the Army Hall in Sarajevo.

All scholarship recipients will be contacted via email with an official confirmation, including more information about the upcoming ceremony.

Please note:

The Klika Committee made their selection with the best intentions based on previously defined eligibility criteria and the documentation submitted. Given that the funds for the scholarships are Klika’s private funds, the company retains the right to award the scholarships in line with their assessment and wishes, and complaints regarding the results will not be taken into consideration.

Klika retains the right to revoke their decision about awarding a scholarship to each of the recipients in case of any subsequent events leading to disqualification of one of the recipients.