August 15, 2022

Klika wins award for employee commitment

From giant corporations to the smallest teams, the turn of business trends in the 21st century brought everyone to the same conclusion- the strength of business success and progress lies in the people as a fundamental element. Since its beginnings, IT company Klika in BiH made empowering individuals a substantial part of its business practices and operations. That kind of commitment to its people is lived by every day.

Retaining people during the pandemic years and a collective salary raise across the company to minimize inflation effects are only two of the most recent examples that show how serious Klika takes its number one value conveniently called Our People.

The famous Klika slogan “Ride the Waves” represents a philosophy of support to all employees in all stages of their life. People really come first in good and bad times.

Klika’s good practices are also recognized outside the company as it gained recognition for its efforts, winning the award Business Leader of Sustainable Development 2022 in the Category People for mid-sized companies.
Klika wins award for employee commitment
This award is given within the Framework for implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which is the basis for sustainable and inclusive growth in Bosnia and Herzegovina (SDG2BiH). The joint initiative is funded by the Swedish Government and implemented by UNDP in partnership with UNICEF and UN Women as a part of UN support to the BiH government. Among more than one hundred companies in its category, Klika proved one more its continuous commitment to the improvement of internal policies and work conditions, inspired by its people.

In 2015, BiH committed to implementing the action plan of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, along with other 192 countries. The award for business leaders of sustainable development has the goal to promote activities of the private sector as part of the Agenda and sustainable development in BiH.

A complex application process was the first step to showcase how significant the partnership relationship between Klika and BiH is in achieving the goals defined in the Agenda. Klika presented its business models, certificates, policies and rulebooks, as well as parts of its 2022-2025 Strategy to independent experts.
This award represents an exceptionally significant recognition because it clearly underlines that Klika’s inclination towards global business trends is recognized. As a company where sustainability, diversity, and inclusion are deeply ingrained in its essence, persevering in the implementation of sustainable development goals is the focal point of Klika’s business activities and company mindset.
says Edin Deljkić, Klika LLC CEO

The biggest asset- people

The position of a business leader does not only come from business success exclusively, but living our defined set of five values, whereof the first and most important is called Our People.

Klika fosters the idea of strengthening individuals as a basis to build a strong team. We achieve that because we don’t treat Klika as another place of work, but as a platform that changes in line with individual needs. As Klika’s Head of HR, Darjan Kišić, says, the basis for success is communication.

“Klika’s main focus is healthy internal communication. We nourish transparent, honest and frequent communication. We always find the time to talk about anything and address any potential problems. On the other hand, we encourage others to challenge our decisions and give their suggestions” states Kišić.
Klika wins award for employee commitment
Klika wants to give every individual a basis to grow and improve within the company, and while it encourages leaving one’s own comfort zone, it does so only when the reason behind is motivation and joy to achieve new wins.

In order to enable all that, Klika is devoted to social inclusion and protecting the basic principles of diversity, and the long-term effort resulted in Klika winning the Excelling in Diversity Award in 2021.

From a different perspective, “the Klika People” are also members of the BiH community, which is actively supported by Klika through the #giveback initiative. Klika is devoted to encourage positive social changes and finding the way back to the community with the aim to inspire others to do the same. 

Klika Praksa for life

Klika was the first BiH IT company to establish an Employee Experience Management team that woks with each Klika team member individually.

The partnership-relationship starts with the onboarding process and continues throughout the career journey, which enable us to see Klika through the eyes of the employees and understand their needs easier. The Employee Experience Managers help employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance, which differentiates Klika from other IT companies. 
The work-life balance is an extremely important factor in Klika’s business activities. Health and happiness of employees come first. Days off are for spending time with family and friends. In our company, the relationships among employees grow organically as a result of a healthy work environment
says Darjan Kišić, Head of HR
Klika is in its final stage to implement yet another personalized program. The Klika Learning and Development Platform is for learning and will be adjusted to each employee in line with their needs and personal wishes to achieve career success.

The L&D program will consist of different types of education, spanning from technical to soft skills, and among others, it will include practicing empathy and strengthening teamwork.

The L&D platform will also cover a special aspect, namely, the Klika Leadership Academy. This unique program will serve as a platform for employees in senior and leadership positions and will focus on improving leadership skills. Klika continuously encourages its employees to further develop their skills, but stays mindful of the freedom and progress of the individuals in the employee-company relationship. To encourage employees in their emotional and career development is Klika’s endmost goal. 

Our goal is not only to have good developers. We want to make engineers-experts and professionals by global standards. 

emphasizes Edin Deljkić, Klika LLC CEO