July 13, 2022

Klika Service Awards special

with Latifa Imamović

As a part of our special Klika Service Awards program, Klika decided to devote this blog space to our colleagues who reached five or more years of working at Klika during this quarter of the year. By sharing their experience and stories of their career path, members of our team celebrating the 5 year milestone encourage and motivate young engineers at Klika, but also in the IT industry in general.
Today we are presenting Latifa Imamović, our Head of Marketing and a member of Klika for 5 years.

Enjoy your read!

Dear Latifa, we are happy to celebrate this milestone with you!

You’ve been growing with Klika for five years, and we are looking forward to your future milestones and achievements!
Let’s start with a simple question! Which project are you working on and what is your current role? 
Hi everyone. Thank you for the opportunity to present myself and my work to the Klika community. I've been a part of the Klika team for more than 5 years already. Currently, I am a Head of Marketing at Klika, and basically, my project is Klika.
Tell us more about your career path at Klika. Have your roles and projects changed during the time?  
I started working at Klika at a very peculiar time for me personally and Klika as a company. At the time I was living in Athens, Greece, and started working remotely, with an agreement to move back to Sarajevo when I'm done with my masters studies. Even though I really loved Greece, and I lived in my dream city, I was so excited about the opportunity to help reshape Klika as a company and push it to the top. What was Klika like at the time? There were no departments that you see today, no other managers apart from Top management- the founders, it was a team of around 30+ people, a startup company, with very basic marketing: a logo, website, rarely updated Facebook page, underdeveloped LinkedIn, and a lot of work to be done to develop a strong company culture. It is hard to put in one interview answer all the things that I've been working on, and the roles that I was covering, but in brief: sometimes I was a Marketing Manager, a Talent Manager, a Therapist, Event Planner, Creative Director, etc. It was a very startup kind of setup- people covering multiple roles. I think we have done an enormous job, put Klika on the map, and supported the growth of the company all these years. In brief: A LOT has changed. :) Today I'm a Head of Marketing, managing the Marketing team, working closely with the Top management, Business Development, HR, Design team, and many other people at Klika.
What do you like the most about Klika? What makes Klika special and motivates you to keep riding the waves?
I really believe in love at first sight: whether it's men, friends, pair of jeans, shoes, cities, anything really. And that's what happened with Klika: I really felt the energy, liked it instantly, after seeing their poor Facebook page and I just knew that it was the right place for me. And that was even before I went to Greece, months before they reached out to me and I started working for Klika. So for me, it's about the energy, shared vision, people, the opportunity to be fierce, to take the risk, reinvent, create, and constantly push things forward. What motivates me the most is the opportunity to always do better than we did before.
What do you consider your biggest accomplishment during the period you spent at Klika?
I think the biggest accomplishment was gaining trust from people at Klika that even though it might not look too promising at the moment, and my proposal looks crazy, everything is going to be just fine :). Also, I would like to point out that I am very proud that the people I mentored or had a chance to lead have grown into outstanding professionals, being already outstanding humans. And what I think is OUR biggest accomplishment, it's the fact that the whole Klika team is our Marketing team.
What’s your favorite memory from the time you spent at Klika so far?
Ohh…millions of amazing memories! Basically, all the times people said YES.
How do you see yourself at Klika in the next five years? What’s your future vision of Klika?
I see myself as a very wise person working for Klika. Does this suffice? :D I think that Klika has a great potential to be a startup hub itself, with a lot of small businesses growing out of it, as many of us gain expertise in their fields of our interest. We have awesome people on our team, great company culture base, so I see no obstacle for Klika to reach for the stars.
What is a piece of advice that you would like to share with people who are just getting started their career at Klika?
Use opportunities, create opportunities for yourself and give yourself some time, be gentle to yourself. Klika really is a great place for personal and professional growth. Not just because we are amazing today, but because we work so hard to remain amazing in the future too.
Thank you!