May 19, 2021

Klika Service Awards special

with Naida Huseinović

As a part of our special Klika Service Awards program, Klika decided to devote this blog space to our colleagues who reached five or more years of working at Klika during this quarter of the year. By sharing their experience and stories of their career path, members of our team celebrating the 5 year milestone encourage and motivate young engineers at Klika, but also in the IT industry in general.
Today we are presenting you Naida Huseinović, our Scrum Master and a member of our team for the last 6 years.

Enjoy your read!

Dear Naida, we are happy to celebrate this milestone with you! 

You’ve been growing with Klika for five years and we are looking forward to your future milestones and achievements!
Let’s start with a simple question! Which project are you working on and what is your current role? 
I am a part of the Klika team since February 2, 2015, which means already 6 years and 3 months. Currently I am working on our Smart Bed IoT project as a Scrum Master in Puzzle, LEGO and Power-Rangers squads.
Tell us more about your career path at Klika. Have your roles and projects changed during the time?  
At first, I was QA engineer on the Home Delivery App. This Android app is used for bed setup, meaning that it is a part of the Smart Bed IoT project. At the same time, I was a QA engineer on CSP (Customer Support Portal). It is a web app which is used by support agents, especially when customers are calling and having some issues with the bed.
Apart from this, I would like to share one fun fact: I am the first QA at Klika. :) I have to say that it has been an amazing experience to work with Samir Eljazović, Emina Dolamić and Milan Samardžić at the very start of my Klika QA career.

In August 2015, I joined the QA team on the Smart Bed Consumer App. It was a hybrid app, and after some time, it was ttransformed into native app, meaning we had Web, Android and iOS apps. At the time, I was working as an automation engineer, mostly on the Android app.

In May/June 2018, I’ve started working as a Scrum Master for the HDA and CSP apps, but in parallel, I worked as a QA on those apps as well.

In July 2018, I was officially promoted into Scrum Master for all Smart Bed IoT projects (SIQ Customer app, HDA, CSP and EDP). Shortly after my promotion, I had to leave my colleagues and go on pregnancy and later maternity leave.

In April 2020, I was finally back. It was Covid-19 time. New office, since I left when Klika was in the Grawe building… and new project. I’ve worked as QA (backend automation) on a FinTech project together with my colleague Emrah. From November 2020, I was back on the Smart Bed project as Scrum Master on the consumer app in Puzzle, LEGO and Power-Rangers squads.

Beside everything that is written above, I have to mention that during my work at Klika, I was a mentor (QA or Scrum Master) at 5 (as far as I remember) Klika Intership programs.   
What do you like the most about Klika? What makes Klika special and motivates you to keep riding the waves?
The thing I like most about Klika is that it is not a “standard” company, where employees are not able to loudly raise their (objective) concerns, wishes, opinions or criticism as well.

Also, Klika cares about our personal growth and about our education, certification, always trying to support us in our interests in different fields. Also, Klika is a socially responsible company and it cares about the most vulnerable categories in our society.
What do you consider your biggest accomplishment during the period you spent at Klika?
Hmmm, I am not sure if I can say that it is MY accomplishment. In my opinion, there is nothing that only one person can say that he/she did and that something is only her/his accomplishment.

If I have to say something, it would be my team work sensibility. There is a lot of things that I am proud of, such as, all the interns I mentored during their internships, who are my colleagues now. I can say that they are very good developers/QA engineers, professionals and good team players.
What’s your favorite memory from the time you spent at Klika so far?
There is a lot of them … Maybe, Ivan’s and my morning chit chats, when we were in Bosmal. Since Ivan and I were often the first ones to come to the office in the morning. Or maybe every time I was the first person (for a longer time period) to welcome our new colleagues at their first day at Klika (I was the first to come to work).
How do you see yourself at Klika in the next five years? What’s your future vision of Klika?
Hmmm, my goal is to become the best Scrum Master I can be, to learn all skills that I need which will help my teams to do great work and to make great progress in our careers, which would be valuable to Klika as a company as well.
What is a piece of advice that you would like to share with people who are just getting started their career at Klika?
Do not hesitate to share your knowledge with your colleagues. Leave your ego aside. Do not forget to tell your colleagues “Thank you”, “Please”, “I am sorry”. Do not forget to praise every help you get from others. Try to learn something on a daily basis, because that is the best way to continuously improve yourself personally and professionally.
Thank you!