February 25, 2022

Klika Service Awards special

with Sabina Klisura

As a part of our special Klika Service Awards program, Klika decided to devote this blog space to our colleagues who reached five or more years of working at Klika during this quarter of the year. By sharing their experience and stories of their career path, members of our team celebrating the 5 year milestone encourage and motivate young engineers at Klika, but also in the IT industry in general.
Today we are presenting Sabina Klisura, our Client Delivery Manager and a member of Klika for 5 years.

Enjoy your read!

Dear Sabina, we are happy to celebrate this milestone with you!

You’ve been growing with Klika for five years, and we are looking forward to your future milestones and achievements!
Let’s start with a simple question! Which project are you working on and what is your current role? 
Currently, I am working as a Client Delivery Manager on one of our projects and I should join in on another project in the same role very soon.
Tell us more about your career path at Klika. Have your roles and projects changed during the time?  
I was doing my internship on our IoT project as a QA engineer. After that, I got a job and started working as a QA on one of our FinTech projects for a few months. After that, we got another FinTech project, and I started as a QA and finished as a Scrum Master on that project. In the meantime, I was leading KLIKA PRAKSA as a Product Owner. Then, I started working as a Project Manager on another FinTech project, and now, I work as a CDM on two projects.
What do you like the most about Klika? What makes Klika special and motivates you to keep riding the waves?
The work environment. People.
What do you consider your biggest accomplishment during the period you spent at Klika?
Being a part of the Dragonglass team that rewrote and released apps within one of our FinTech projects. I am proud of my team. We did a big and great job.
What’s your favorite memory from the time you spent at Klika so far?
The internship that I was leading. It was a really nice experience to teach interns and learn with them. I was very lucky that they became a part of my team after the internship.
How do you see yourself at Klika in the next five years? What’s your future vision of Klika?
Being a part of lots of new projects. Continue learning and improving myself.
What is a piece of advice that you would like to share with people who are just getting started their career at Klika?
Be a friend and give your best.
Thank you!