Customer Engagement

Making customer engagement easy with high-tech omnichannel features

Building the services that solve complex customer-centric problems. How we made it work spread across multiple teams.

Our client’s backstory

The client serves more than 5,000 brands, supporting a customer base that counts billions of users in 150+ countries. Their unique omnichannel platform covers a wide array of business operations and marketing needs with solutions that center around the customer and smoothen personalized communication, customer support services, marketing campaigns and data analytics. The platform makes it easy for businesses to identify the preferred communication channels of their customers, respond immediately to inquiries and detect any issues before users do with sophisticated software solutions and automated processes.

To sustain their further growth and maintain delivering top quality, the client needed additional but specific software expertise and turned to Klika for assistance. Klika developers and engineers with extensive experience in building similar products joined the client’s several subteams/squads to work on different elements of the platform and help the client excel in their primary market - the Middle East. 

The challenges

The platform, serving billions of users, is a big system that required attention to detail while building and adding new features. The teams had to plan, communicate and execute following a strict agenda to keep everything up to the highest quality standards.

The platform included several teams, 5 squads precisely, working on different aspects which required a multidisciplinary approach across all levels. As a tech partner, we had to come up with an efficient work model to navigate being part of a remote 300+ people team dispersed in several squads which all had their own policies, protocols and team dynamics. We had to quickly grasp the expectations of each team to build a strategy and set up a work model that suitably matched the client’s requirements and expectations. 

Klika solution

Our first goal was to smoothly onboard our team members to the different client squads and support their effort to contribute to the product and the team’s success in their expert role. Being part of 5 different squads that all work on different features and services under their own rules, nudged us to assign a Client Delivery Manager to be the contact person for all client inquiries and to keep an overview of the big picture and team relationships.

We were part of all the tech teams and helped develop superior backend, frontend and cloud solutions that extended the platform’s capabilities, making it better optimized and more exciting. Our team was especially crucial in the development of SMS services, campaigns, voiceover, chatbots, push notifications and other platform features that automate and enhance B2C communication and customer engagement.

Our experts also worked on multi- channel setups for marketing campaigns, two-factor authentication for logins, voice notifications, third-party integration (with different billing systems), fraud detection, database verification. At a later stage, we became part of the data analytics team, working on data base models for intuitive data visualization and the best approaches to data extraction with ML and AI solutions.  


We are still part of the client’s team, helping them maintain their dominant position in the Middle Eastern market and expand to new areas, providing knowledge and support in all tech segments. With new options like intuitive data visualization models and ML and AI features, the company was able to cut on customer acquisition costs and increase its revenue and cement its reputation as a leader in communication services in the Middle East.

Technology stack

AWS, Java , Docker, Kubernetes , Kafka, RabbitMQ, Butbucket, Springboot, Jira, MInio, Symfony, Kong, Keycloak, LaunchDarkly