People and Vehicle Access

Making skiing easier with digital access

Klika builds a hands-off smartphone ski pass for one of the biggest access solutions providers

Our client’s backstory

The company is an international leader in access solutions for people and vehicles and operates in more than 100 countries. Their stellar installations can be spotted in various stadiums, ski resorts, airports, shopping malls, etc. Navigating people and vehicle access via smart applications allows for more flexibility, easier crowd management and faster movement, which makes this market a promising growth area, especially with hotels, resorts, entertainment venues and parking lots. Our client is one of the biggest providers in the market, increasing efficiency and enabling smooth passage that is reliable, safe and secure.

Klika has become their long-term partner that helps them meet the market’s growing demands in terms of software solutions, QA processes and application development. In this case, they turned to Klika to set up a team and build a mobile application that serves as a virtual ski pass at eligible ski resorts.  

The challenges

The company wanted to provide an omni solution for all ski resorts and offer an application that covers all the logistics around controlled ski slope access, ticket validation, skier’s activity status and overall needs that enhance the skiing experience and make the process pleasant on both sides of the equation.

One of the challenges was coming up with a system and developing a plugin for technology that enables access to ski lifts by using just a smartphone/virtual ticket instead of a physical pass. The plugin needed to be compatible with multiple third-party systems used in different ski resorts and stand out among the competition with smooth and reliable features that provide for a better, more elevated user experience. To successfully do so, the client needed a user flow PoC for smartphones that addresses all user needs and market gaps step by step.

The second was building a custom mobile application that would allow guests and skiers automatic access to ski lifts in real time via Bluetooth. The app would communicate directly from one’s pocket and grant contactless access, not requiring users to take out their phone or point it to a code scanner. A contactless pristine and secure user experience was pivotal for a successful release.

Time to market was also high on the priority list as the client wanted the mobile app to be ready for the coming ski season, which, at that point, was 4 months away. That meant adhering to a tight deadline and working with the client’s team closely in an agile setting to avoid any unnecessary blockers.   

Klika solution

Before we got to work on the application, the Klika team was tasked with developing a user flow PoC for mobile use. After validating its feasibility, the client used the PoC to develop a plugin that could easily be integrated into any ski resort’s system, efficiently enabling easier management and access to ski slopes and lifts. After a while, the client decided to build their own customary mobile application, using the same mobile flow PoC. They turned to Klika to build the mobile application that would serve as a recognizable and better solution to all current alternatives.

To get the development started, we assigned a team with the right expertise and created a development plan with major milestone timelines using Scrum as our basis. Since we needed to be fast and release the consumer application in four months’ time, we decided to make a cross-platform app that adapts perfectly to the native look and feel of both iOS and Android, so Flutter was a natural choice. As a mature and popular framework, it checked all our boxes in terms of compatibility, security and quality. We were able to produce value very fast at optimum cost and create a product that will serve the client in the long term.

In addition, we were asked to validate the mobile app design and make improvements so it would work flawlessly, for both Android and iOS users.

We made sure the application is flexible and scalable enough to enable easy feature upgrades and add-ons in the future.

The application follows the user from the beginning to the end, i.e., from accessing ski slopes and lifts to real-time updates on the activity status and validity duration. It enables a full-circle flow that makes skiing easier for guests and the process more cost-effective for hosts.

Throughout the entire development life cycle, the Klika QA team performed end-to-end testing, making sure a superior mobile experience is awaiting all users, which further underlined the company’s status in the industry when it comes to quality, reliability and transparency .  


The app is currently used in ski resorts across Europe and serves thousands of skiers daily during ski season. Our team keeps working on new versions, upgrades and maintenance, helping the client prepare for new market expansion and provide an even better user experience in line with new tech advancements.

Technology stack

Flutter, Bluetooth Low Energy