Motivating drivers to drive safely

Better insurance scores and safer roads with software solutions by Klika developers

Our client’s backstory

The client is devoted to making driving safer with smart solutions and systems that help drivers navigate traffic and tough road conditions. They mostly rely on highly precise data metrics to report on general and real-time conditions, any potential risks or unexpected situations while underway.

Having systems in place that analyze and process billions of data coming from IoT devices, connected vehicles, smartphones, dashcams and other third parties, the client wanted to add a new service to their list that would assess driver and vehicle behavior by merging all those data with contextual data. They decided to develop a mobile application that would evaluate drivers and vehicles on the road.

After considering several offers, they chose Klika as their trusted tech partner to build the application and have it generate an objective assessment based on carefully selected parameters and meaningful data analysis. The application was also to be a good fit for individuals and businesses alike. 

The challenges

The new driving application was not only meant to be a B2C but also a B2B solution, especially fit for vehicle insurance companies. It was to be designed as a tool that gives reliable data on high-risk and low-risk drivers, giving insurance companies plenty of information to determine premium amounts for each driver. It could also be used as an incentive to reward drivers with excellent driving scores. Bearing this in mind, the development team had to make sure the app would be highly customizable and configurable to fit different businesses and their unique procedures. It needed to be easily tweakable for any brand or logo.

Defining the relevant parameters and making them assessable and easy-to-integrate with different data points and IoT devices was also a deciding factor in developing the app.  

Klika solution

Setting up a highly qualified team and defining the best work processes was our first step. We went with a dedicated team of iOS and Android developers who have extensive experience in data integration, IoT and complex backend frameworks to make sure we have all we need to deliver the best results.

Working closely with the client, we jointly decided that a highly customizable and scalable white label solution is the best move to make it B2B friendly and appealing to different insurance businesses that could easily tweak and personalize the app to fit their own brand and voice.

Our team made sure the white label application was easily marketable, highly scalable and offered an array of personalization options that can easily be adjusted. In parallel to that, we worked on customized solutions for specific early adopter clients.

To assess driver behavior, four parameters were defined, i.e., phone distraction, speeding, hard braking and cornering.

The Klika team developed the logic behind the app that gathers precise data from high-frequency sensors on the given parameters, enabling, thereby, unbiased insights into driver and vehicle behavior. The entire system is an excellent way to predict potential risks of crashes and costly claims. The app is meanwhile used by numerous insurance companies to determine the driving score of their clients.   


The smart phone application is not only a fun and useful way for individuals to test their driving score, but it also became a real asset to insurance companies. Many of them made the mobile app part of their services by default and use it to assign insurance scores and determine premium amounts. Over 20 largest US insurance companies across the states are part of the growing network of B2B users.

Technology stack

Java, Objective-C, Native Development Kit (NDK)