October 4, 2021

My Klika journey

by Amir Temimović, QA Engineer

Greetings to all of you who are reading this! :)

My name is Amir Temimović and this is a short story about my time as a Klika intern.

Where to begin... Hmm...

I am a final-year student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Banja Luka, Department of Software Engineering. As a young person, without previously having any experience working in a serious environment that is related to my professional field, I was looking for an opportunity to start my IT career. I didn't have to wait too long... One day, while scrolling my Home page on Facebook, I ran into an interesting article that the offical page of my Faculty had posted. 
The title „Klika Internship – JOIN US NOW“ really caught my attention.
Encouraged by my parents and friends, I decided to apply for it. Ten days after submitting my application for the internship, I got a call from Klika's Talent Scout, Harun. The news were good and I was invited to an interview for a QA position. The interview itself went above my biggest expectations. Emrah, Klika's expert in Automation Testing, was in a charge of testing my knowledge about QA, APIs and OOP. It was an absolute pleasure talking with him and Harun. Friendly atmosphere, nice conversation and I managed to get some great advice from Emrah as well.

A couple of days later, on a hot and sunny Friday afternoon, my phone rang again. It was Harun with some great news again: I am the first intern in Klika's Banja Luka office. WOW, what a great way to start my summer!

And so my Klika journey began...

The first week of the internship was in the office in Sarajevo. As soon as I got into the office, I knew it was the right decision to join the Klika internship. Such a friendly, relaxed but working atmosphere. Everyone was so polite, calm, always ready to answer any questions, help you out, give you advice...I loved it! And then the best thing: getting to know other interns, as well as my mentor Nataša and our Scrum Master and Product Owner Adha. Everything was so well organised and I couldn't wait to start working. During the first week, we had presentations about technologies and environments that will be used during the internship.

Day by day and Friday came really quick – it was time to get back to Banja Luka. The second week of the Klika internship, my first day in Banja Luka office.. I was a little bit nervous but then I met those folks on the 4th floor.. Again, everyone so polite, social, helpful and the atmosphere was phenomenal.

But it was time to start working. Our first Sprint Planning had come. Everything was so new to us but thanks to our menthors and Adha, we managed to deal with it succesfully and we started working on our DiNero app. Every day, I had two daily meetings, one with the QA team and our menthor Nataša and the other one with the full team and our PO, Adha. They were held at 10 AM and 10:30 AM respectively. At those meetings, I would give my daily status of what had been done, what I planned to do and tell if I had any issues that were blocking me from doing my work. Soon, it was time for our first Sprint Demo. It went pretty good, and we continued our work on DiNero.

Time flew by really fast.. from bug to bug, daily to daily, sprint to sprint, the first month was over. Our team chemistry and communication was only getting better and better, and so was our work. After every Sprint Demo, we would get positive reviews from Klika's employees and they praised our work. It felt really good hearing such things and I used it as a motivation to work harder.

Soon, the second month of Klika internship passed, and I was getting a little bit sad that this awesome journey was coming to an end. And then again, Harun had some good news... a job interview was the next step. Klika's QA Manager Dino, and one familiar face, Emrah, were the ones waiting for me at the interview. I learned so much from that interview, got a lot of great advice that will stick with me throughout my entire QA career.

Six days after the interview, around 4 PM, I got a call from Darjan, Klika's Head of HR.

My heart skipped a beat when he told me that I got the job! It took me some time to process that, but yeah.. I am a Klika employee, I made it!

I would like to thank Klika for giving me the oportunity to do my internship in such a great and perspective company. It was an absolute pleasure and I am looking forward to work as a Klika employee! Thank you Harun, Darjan and Olja for being so helpful and telling me only good news! :D

Special thanks goes to our Scrum Master and Product Owner, Adha. It took a lot of patience to answer dozens of my questions every day and always be there to solve any issues that were blocking our work. The way she handled some tough and complicated situations was flawless.

And, my mentor, Nataša... The most important figure for my development as a QA engineer during this internship. Always there for me and my team, selflessly giving advice, talking with us every day, leaving her work to help us, answering our questions. It was an absolute delight to learn from you. I hope that future interns will have the same luck as me. Thank you Nataša!

And I can't forget to mention Danijela, who was my mentor for 2 weeks while Nataša wasn't there. Thank you Danijela for being so helpful! Thanks to both of you for being such great persons!

And what can I say about my intern friends: It was a pleasue working with you and I'll surely miss those 10:30 AM daily sessions. Until next time and a new project!

To those of you, that might get doubtful whether or not to apply for KLIKA PRAKSA.. just DO IT! You won't regret it! It turned to be one of the best decisions that I have made. It might be the same for you!

Ride The Waves!