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The stećci tombstones are medieval tombstones dating from the period between XII and XVI century.

Being located mostly in the area of present-day Bosnia and Herzegovina, it can be considered as a primarily Bosnian phenomenon.

Many stećci tombstones have been destroyed, relocated or are yet to be found, so it is hard to determine the exact number of the remaining ones. 


According to the last official register, over 70,000 tombstones are located in present-day Bosnia and Herzegovina


Recent field research suggests that there were over 100,000 of stećci tombstones on this territory

The research community has been faced with the lack of a comprehensive digital database, inconsistency of the available data on stećci tombstones and difficulties in accessing such data.

In order to preserve the cultural heritage of BiH, the Institute for Archeology of the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo and Klika implemented the project 

422 tombstones

Out of the total of 11,902 tombstones known for their locality, 422 were submitted to the database

68 references

Data for the platform were collected based on 68 references provided by 49 researchers

Five representative necropoles have been featured with individual pages:

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The research platform is accessible only to researchers who have received approval from the Institute for Archeology.

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In addition to the platform, a presentational website, Android and iOS apps were developed as well.  

24 team members

Worked on for 3 months.






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