The next-generation CRM with AI elements

Say goodbye to tedious CRM tasks. How a hopeful start-up made a name for itself with Klika as a tech partner!

What is Spiro?

Spiro is a Proactive Relationship Management Platform (PRM) helping sales teams and businesses all over the world organize and keep track of all their contacts and prospects. No manual data entry and no hassle as the system captures all data from all sources (email, chat, call, etc.) and saves them in the system. It collects data in the background and syncs them automatically in real time. It tracks and optimizes engagement of prospects throughout the sales cycle.

Spiro also intelligently recognizes anomalies in sales pipelines and proactively recommends the next steps to take. The system lets you in on at what stage your prospect is and when it is time to act. It also comes with a Spiro Assistant that literally does anything you tell them to (send an email, dial a contact, etc.).

Spiro is on a mission to help salespersons be more productive and hit their targets more easily. It is available as a web, iOS and Android app.

Who is the product for?

Small, medium and large businesses focused on sales can make use of Spiro’s team user app.

What market need was identified?

Spiro recognized the need to develop a more proactive, more efficient alternative to traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The traditional CRM requires sales teams to go through a lengthy training process, as well as to spend a lot of time on administrative tasks, like entering and updating data and taking notes. Traditional CRMs often contain repeat, incomplete or inconsistent information because they are entered manually and require additional clarifications among team members, which can be difficult if operating in large teams.

Salespersons would lose valuable time and get often frustrated with manual data entry and the traditional CRM, so Spiro's idea was to build a better system that centres around the user.

The solution

Spiro decided to turn the traditional CRM into an easier-to-use and timesaving PRM (Proactive Relationship Management) by addressing three key points in the daily sales process:

a.) data acquisition,
b.) data analysis, and
c.) predicting the best next step for the sales teams.

To get there, they needed a vibrant agile team that was ready to respond to the changing requirements and that had the infrastructure to support any Spiro effort. Klika was the perfect match. To cut time spent in the traditional CRM, Klika and the Spiro team developed features like automated data entry, confident forecasting, and intelligent instructions on the next actionable steps. To make it available to broad audiences, the Spiro PRM platform was developed for Android, iOS, and web, and it can be integrated easily with different systems allowing for data migration.


- Automated data entry
- Confident forecasting abilities
- Intelligent instructions on the next move

Challenges for the tech team

1. One of the major challenges that needed to be addressed was to find a way to automate all processes that can be automated (like data entry) and enrich the entire CRM user experience.

2. The second major challenge was implementing AI solutions that would trigger smart predictions and forecasting.

3. The new platform was to reduce data duplication, improve performance, and cut costs. The new platform was to enable larger and smaller sales teams to completely rely on the system by automatically capturing every contact with a customer or prospect, not losing any data.

Klika solutions

How we did it
1. We built a platform to automate workflows and note taking
The first step in building a Proactive Relationship Management (PRM) platform was automating workflows to present the platform users with readily available information about prospects and their engagement level. Automated workflows also prevent data from being duplicated or misleading.

Spiro’s PRM automates data entry and note taking, so not only does it save time, but it also provides more accurate information, e.g., when a customer or prospect was contacted, what channel of communication was used, and what was communicated.

Klika build a platform that connects to any data source and syncs every conversation and activity, including emails, voice calls, text messages, notes, and meetings, creating reliable real-time data. Such data help users and management quickly grasp what the priorities are and where each customer or prospect is in the sales pipeline.
2. We enabled seamless integration with business systems and third parties
To prevent sales teams from losing any dana and previously created pipelines, we enabled seamless integration with all business systems, including ERP, marketing automation, customer support and co. We secured 3rd party integration and public API exposure by following industry standards through OAuth2 specification and JWT tokens. Spiro is allowing users to connect through Azure AD, protect mobile Apps using Microsoft Intune for Enterprise solutions, Gmail and Office365 through Microsoft Graph API in order to establish continuous two-way data syncs.

In building the Spiro platform, we relied on service-oriented and domain-driven design.
3. We created AI features to trigger smart recommendations based on prospect behaviour
The next big step was to trigger the system to create reliable forecasts which we achieved by implementing Artificial Intelligence.

We had the system make use of historic data, activities and past behaviours to produce next-step recommendations. Those can be nudging sales reps to contact a prospect or alerting them of possible risks. We used Google Cloud, Python, and TensorFlow to develop the AI-backed features which consist of two domains: Natural language processing (NLP) and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN).

a.) NLP capabilities are covering audio transcriptions that are fed to Spiro’s NLP, intent extraction (based on two-way communication and location and timestamps), and sentiment analysis. This resulted in automatically generating next steps or reminders based on conversation content.

b.) ANNs are used for forecasting and prioritizing the next steps based on previous behaviour. Spiro is learning from good and bad activities; and based on historical data, gives sales teams suggestions on the next best steps.

Adding AI to the system enhanced objectivity and minimized errors.
4. We added AI-powered Spiro Assistant
As efficiency, accuracy and speed were the main goals, we added Spiro Assistant to help sales reps and users keep up with their workflow and daily tasks. Users can simply instruct their Spiro Assistant to set reminders, update opportunities, send emails to prospects or team members and more.

Our collaboration with Spiro started in 2014 and we are still going strong. We started with 2 engineers and now we have 13 of our people working with the Spiro team. The Spiro platform counts 200+ customers and 3000+ users with 98% retention rate.