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The next-generation CRM with AI: Say goodbye to tedious CRM tasks 

How a hopeful startup made a name for itself with Klika as a tech partner 

Our client’s backstory

Driven by a vision to transform the CRM experience, two founders got together to build a startup that would challenge Customer Relationship Management platforms by coming up with a more efficient and simpler solution that is more focused on the users and the sales team experience as a whole. The idea was to offer a better alternative to the too complex and often too bureaucratic CRM experience by making a Proactive Relationship Management software that would better capture leads, make sales pipelines easier to track and automate lead generation across all levels, from first contact to closing.

With a clear vision, the founders partnered with Klika to build the product from scratch. They needed a vibrant agile team that had the infrastructure to support the launch of a startup and thrive in the startup culture.  

The challenges

The company needed first to identify the requirements to get the MVP going and provide funds to back up their idea. In a real startup manner, priorities often changed, and the requirements were tweaked and amended according to the rapidly changing business needs. 

The Klika team was the sole development team working on the new platform and we had to set up all development protocols and communication processes to be able to deliver tangible results from the get-go. We had to act fast, develop fast and make sure requirements were properly understood and executed.

Together with the client, we had to define the best technology stack and architecture solution that cut costs and improve performance, and at the same time, offer more than traditional CRMs, i.e., more automated features (like data entry, note taking, etc.), no data duplication, no data loss and complete reliance on the system. We applied the same approach while working on AI and ML implementation to make sure we bring affordable but appealing options to sales teams across the world giving them access to smart forecasting and virtual assistant features.   

Klika solution

After setting up the right processes and protocols, we were able to focus on developing the platform that was to offer a superior user experience to sales teams around the globe.

To build the Proactive Relationship Management (PRM) platform, we focused on automating different workflows to increase efficiency and offer a better overview of leads and prospects in the sales pipeline. Our main goal was to prevent data duplication, eliminate manual data entry and present users with readily available information about prospects, their engagement level, last contact information and more.

One of the core features was that the platform was built to connect to any data source and sync every conversation and activity, whether it’s emails, voice calls, text messages, notes, meetings, ensuring there is no room for error or misinterpretation of data.

To prevent any data loss or previously created pipelines, we enabled seamless integration with any business system, including ERP, marketing automation, customer support and co. We secured 3rd party integration and public API exposure by following industry standards through OAuth2 specification and JWT tokens.

Using ML, ANN and NLP, we further expanded the system’s capabilities with AI features and ad-ons for reliable and accurate predictions and sales forecasts, audio-to-text transcriptions, smart call-to-action functionalities and removal of errors and duplicate records. We had the system make use of historic data, activities and past behaviors to produce next-step recommendations. Those can be nudging sales reps to contact a prospect or alerting them of possible risks.

As efficiency, accuracy and speed were the main goals, we added a smart Virtual Assistant to help sales reps and users keep up with their workflow and daily tasks. Users can simply instruct it to set reminders, update opportunities, send emails to prospects or team members and more.

The product gained in popularity very quick, and we had to optimize the system for higher volumes of users which led to building team apps and enterprise capabilities to support all client groups: from smaller companies to enterprises that have hundreds of users.  


Our collaboration with the startup started in 2014 and we are still the main tech partner to our client. The PRM platform became one of the go-to CRMs for sales teams all over the world giving users efficient tools to convert leads to customers more easily. The retention rate is 98% counting over 5,000 users.  

Technology stack

Ruby on Rail, React, iOS Objective C, Java Android, DOX for auto-documentation , OAuth2 / JWT, Elasticsearch, Redis, Postgres, Heroku, Circle CI, AWS Beanstalk, Azure AD, Azure Intune, Google API, Microsoft Graph API, Google Cloud - Speech to text, Python, Tensor Flow