Valuable resources during the COVID-19 lockdown

As an attempt to respond to the #stayathome challenge, a measure prescribed to combat the pandemic of Covid-19, we implemented the educational and informative platform in cooperation with other members of the Association of IT companies Bit Alliance.

This platform gathers digital tools and content from different fields intended for all generations. In this way, the population can easily access online courses, webinars, and educational platforms for learning languages, science, and even programming. Online libraries, blogs, and audio stories for children are also available, as well as theatre plays, exhibitions, concerts, and online games. In addition to educational, cultural, and entertainment content, users can find tips and exercises for maintaining physical health, advice, and contacts for psychological help and mental wellbeing. encourages all organizations, institutions, and individuals, who are offering some type of content in the field of education, culture, entertainment, communication, health or help to citizens, to very simply share their content on the platform. So far, 115 different types of digital content and services have been shared, and the platform had around 51K unique visits.

Since the #stayathome challenge is evolving into #adapttoanewnormal, the platform may be repurposed as well. Thus, it could soon serve as an advocate for digitalization and good practices to some businesses and services.

Here is in numbers! 

Educational and informative platform

Aiming to make everyday life easier for citizens who have been staying at home in order to stop the spread of COVID-19, the Association of IT companies Bit Alliance developed the portal and thus encouraged companies, NGOs, public institutions and individuals to share free digital content and services for all generations.
The portal was launched on


Unique visitors so far


Digital content and services


Digital content and services from various fields have been shared on the portal by the following:



Resources of online language and programming courses, webinars and educational platforms


Links to online trainings, information about the coronavirus and contacts for psychological support


Calls to support humanitarian actions throughout the country


Theatre plays, exhibitions and classical music concerts


Sources of blogs, online libraries and audio books


Apps, tools and platforms for communication


Online games and concerts