December 13, 2022

Klika awards 38 new scholarships in the amount of BAM 1000 per student

Klika is recognized as one of the fastest growing and most influential companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a major part of its identity is its commitment to people and leaving a positive impact on the broader business and social community.

Klika is one of the most attractive employers in the country, but also one of the most socially responsible companies, which is mirrored through its many activities, supporting different segments of our society. One of the most significant projects Klika implements is supporting students in the form of one-time scholarship incentives in the amount of BAM 1000 per student for 38 students from the University of Sarajevo and University of Banja Luka.
Klika awards 38 new scholarships in the amount of BAM 1000 per student
This year’s scholarship ceremony was held at the Armed Forces Center of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo (Dom oružanih snaga), and apart from the scholarship recipients, the ceremony, was attended by numerous university professors and university representatives, as well as last year’s scholarship recipients, Klika employees, and friends of the project.

Firmly believing that all segments of society should be developed evenly, Klika’s scholarship program goes beyond the standard framework for scholarship programs in the BiH IT industry. The Klika Foundation Scholarship Program is designed to support all students pursuing all kinds of professions, awarding one student per faculty at the universities in the two cities where Klika’s hubs are, Sarajevo and Banja Luka. This year, 23 students from the University of Sarajevo and 15 students from the University of Banja Luka were awarded, and the list of all the recipients for 2022 is available here.
Klika awards 38 new scholarships in the amount of BAM 1000 per student
The scholarship program represents the peak of years-long commitment and interest in the community. For years, Klika has been contributing to social development in different ways, from offering support through the Klika Solidarity Fund consisting of employees’ monthly contributions to pro bono work, including developing apps and platforms for educational institutions and other organizations.
“We recognized that the best investment is investment in education, and as a socially responsible company, we are oriented towards fostering and strengthening our relationship with the communities we work in. Leading by example, we want to take our society further, and one of the ways to achieve that also reflects through supporting students in their final year of studies who are soon to enter the job market, whereby many of them are the professionals and leaders of tomorrow. We believe that investing in knowledge is capital that stays in the community and serves as a platform for future development”
says Klika LLC CEO Edin Deljkić.
Klika awards 38 new scholarships in the amount of BAM 1000 per student
Every opportunity for scholarships, as well as any other kind of support to young people to develop professionally is more than welcome. Senida Subašić, scholarship recipient 2022 from the Faculty of Administration, UNSA, did not hide her gratefulness: “I am honored to be a Klika scholarship recipient, which also underlines that hard work and our efforts pay off. Since I love to read, I will try to use the scholarship in the best possible way by purchasing books and working on my development in the academic field. I am more convinced by the day that knowledge is the only investment worth investing in, and I would like to thank the Klika Foundation for recognizing and acknowledging hard work and the students from different faculties and for contributing through the scholarships, as well as for motivating us to do more and to do better.”

Jovan Prolić from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports from UNIBL said: “Scholarship awards help young and successful people keep up the positive reflection of the quality of the BiH education system on the international scene as well. Given that I am finishing my post-graduate studies, the scholarship funds will certainly contribute to one of my goals, which is progress in my education and contribution in the field of scientific research.”
Klika awards 38 new scholarships in the amount of BAM 1000 per student
The experiences of Klika scholarship recipients of the first generation are an indicator of the importance of a project like this, and we are convinced that this year’s recipients will use the scholarships in the best way, too. It is also important to emphasize that their relationship with Klika does not end with receiving the scholarships and will continue through the work of the alumni network all scholarship recipients become a part of. The alumni network will count 76 members by the next call for scholarship applications.

The number of applications received in both years was high, and Klika already announced that they plan to continue with the project that is primarily inspired by the vision of our country as a progressive society that offers opportunities to young people and sees them as the leaders of change.

Klika hereby would like to thank all students who applied this year and invites future generations to use this unique opportunity in the years to come.
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