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Discover the most valuable aspects of your business with Big Data and get the most out of your products and services with Klika’s expertise in big data analytics and smart solutions driven on data.

Klika’s dedicated team of data engineers and data analysts build robust, reliable and scalable systems optimized for batch and real-time data processing

Data is the most valuable asset a company has and utilizing it in the right way helps businesses with decision-making and strategic planning, saving time and costs. Data is the most powerful tool to use to reach hundreds, thousands and millions of new customers by pinpointing and predicting their needs and behaviors.

With in-depth knowledge and experience in big data technologies, we can build systems that run diagnostic, descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics.

From tailored big data applications (web and mobile) and data science software to ML algorithms and IoT data platforms, we have built a wide range of all-around sophisticated solutions to help businesses generate real value from data transformation.

We are particularly active in building products that integrate big data solutions in the health and wellness, digital payments and FinTech industry, but we also serve a wide array of other industries, like People and Vehicle Access, Ad Operations and Banking and Finance.

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Expertise we offer

We design big data architecture, create mistake-free dashboards and provide data science for in-depth insights.
ML and AI-powered Data Analytics
for IoT data

Klika has experience in building IoT systems, including designing firmware and hardware, as well as developing accompanying systems and platforms that collect, store, process, retrieve and assess big data. With IoT engineering experts, AI and ML expertise, we are able to build integrated systems and visualization models which make data interpretation and utilization easy for all stakeholders.

Data engineering and data science
with AI and ML

Our dedicated data science team provides companies with big data solutions successfully integrating AI and ML capabilities to provide insights into customer behavior, possible risks and optimized business strategies. We use ML and AI for insightful forecasting, market segmentation and training data.

Cloud computing for big data

We can build entire cloud systems and we have an expert team that processes, analyzes, maintains and configures big data into meaningful and valuable information. With our expertise in AWS, Azure and Microservice Architecture, we drive down infrastructure and storage costs and still provide you with precise data metrics.

Tools we use

Microsoft SQL Server

Our clients

Klika’s powerful technology supports a market-leading smart bed retailer

We are the core development team behind a successful retailer that builds smart beds run on IoT technology, collecting and handling billions of  biometric data on a daily basis. Our smart embedded and software solutions incorporate big data analytics and visualization models which help the company store, transform and interpret biometric data which are further used for sleep science research and improvement of customer experience.

As the core development team, we designed the hardware and firmware of the IoT device, developed native mobile apps, a web application, and Customer Portal, all of which provide deep insights into the rich world of data.

How we work?

We assign the best team for the job

We will designate a dedicated team to handle the entire SDLC or assist with certain parts of the development process. Klika experts are highly trained in different areas and technologies and they are able to deliver a wide range of simple and complex solutions depending on your unique needs and goals. From PoC and development to testing and maintenance, we provide end-to-end service.

We rely on agile methodologies

To get you the best possible outcome in the shortest time, we rely on agile and Spotify-like work models. Big data solutions require an agile team that can quickly adjust to changes and scale up and down according to business needs. Fostering an agile approach, we are fully equipped to optimize costs, deliver fast and minimize risks for your business.

We get to know your business and industry

Before we enter a collaboration, we assess your business needs and explore the best solutions that are fit for the industry you work in and present you with a concept proposal.

Why us?

High-quality data analytics for
maximum information of value

To help business get the most out of big data, Klika combines the right kinds of technologies and experts to unlock the full potential of big data. We make sure to build high-quality solutions, choose the most convenient storage options and have the best people navigate big data extraction and transformation processes.

In-depth expertise in Hadoop and
other Big Data tools and technologies

Our experts are fluent in Hadoop and Apache Stark, some of the most powerful open-source frameworks to derive value from Big Data. Our engineers are well-versed in Hive, Pig, Impala, Oozie and other Hadoop components and are always aiming to produce maximum value out of the Hadoop ecosystem.

Industry-specific knowledge

We combine business domain experience, broad technical expertise and a quality-driven delivery model to create innovative solutions. Our professionals have wide experience in developing big data models and systems for different markets.

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