We bring the tech talent to you with dedicated development teams

Drive growth with a full-cycle development team ready to solve business problems with the best technologies.

Whether you are looking to extend your in-house team, ensure faster delivery or need specific tech solutions, our dedicated full-service team can help you carry out even the most complex processes.

Working on a variety of tech solutions side by side with startups and market leaders, in and outside tech, Klika became a trusted and recognizable partner for software development.

From a product's early beginnings to post-release maintenance, we cover all stages and guide our clients step by step. Our teams include dedicated CDMs/business analysts, solution architects, web and mobile developers (frontend and backend), embedded software developers, cloud engineers, data scientists, UX/UI designers, QAs, DevOps, and security analysts.

Being agile at heart allows us to change gears and adapt fast to your needs. Our expert teams deliver value with each sprint, speeding up development and delivery. We continuously invest in talent, expertise, knowledge, and new technologies to offer our clients the best solutions in the market, whether it’s reinventing an existing product or building one from scratch.

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Expertise we offer

You get a dedicated development team that focuses solely on your project. Whether you’re looking for enterprise software development or a mobile app, we provide an array of services that span from consulting and ideation to UI and UX development, tech support, and everything in between.

Our clients

We are the core development team for one of the world’s most successful smart bed retailers

Klika has been working with the smart bed retailer for the past seven years, and one of its most successful smart bed editions counting over 1 million accounts was developed with Klika as the core team. Our relationship and trust grew over the years and Klika has now 70+ people working on the smart bed technology. As the core development team, Klika covers all aspects of development.

We designed the hardware and firmware of the accompanying IoT device, developed native mobile apps, web applications, enterprise mobility solutions, and many other crucial elements that are part of the ecosystem.

Trusted Fintech partnership with one of the market leaders in digital payments

We have been working with a dominant digital payment market leader since 2018, a company that works on fast corporate-funded payments for businesses and individuals through virtual, digital and physical card payments in over 100 countries, and a number of currencies.

In the past 4 years, we grew our dedicated development team to 70+ people who work on different products, including digital wallets, the data and analytics platform, mobile apps, product design, APIs, etc.

Klika is the team behind Spiro’s AI-powered PRM

Spiro partnered with Klika in 2014 to build the Spiro Proactive Relationship Management Platform (PRM) that would revolutionize the traditional CRM. The Klika team developed the platform from scratch and its defining features: business systems and third party integration features, workflow automation, and AI-based smart next-step recommendations and the Spiro Assistant.

We are still working with Spiro on new functionalities and features. The Spiro platform counts 200+ customers and 3000+ users with 98% retention rate.