Perform better with the best DevOps practices

Release software faster, safer and more efficiently at optimum cost without compromising quality. 

Easily meet and exceed your business goals and enhance your product's safety and quality with Klika's experienced and certified DevOps engineers.

Eliminate any possible shortcomings in merging code and automate as many processes as possible with Klika DevOps experts. As a crucial part of software development and IT operations, DevOps is the best path to efficient performance, transparency, and fast and high-quality delivery.

Our DevOps experts assist companies and businesses across industries with tailored DevOps solutions that shorten the SDLC without affecting quality.

Klika offers DevOps as a Service as well as a part of software development with a focus on automation of end-to-end delivery pipelines, cloud migration, monitoring, collaboration and general automation. We work with versatile tech stacks and tools and can cater to a number of DevOps needs.

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Expertise we offer

Continuous Integration (CI)

We keep your code functional, testable and transparent by deploying it in a shared repository multiple times a day. Each code check-in is verified through an automated build process, which helps detect problems early on in the process.

Continuous Delivery and Deployment

Our policy is to deploy production-ready chunks of software which helps spot bugs easier and fix them faster. Valuable software is also constantly delivered to you adding new value to the product, service or app with each new deployment.

Build Automation

With build automation, we shift the focus from processes and tools to productivity and code quality. Build Automation creates builds automatically, tests them and sends them to the centralized build repository saving time and money.

Configuration Management

With configuration management, we automate exhausting and repetitive tasks making sure environments are configured and properly maintained. This allows for infrastructure flexibility and eases collaboration between teams.

Cloud Platforms

Migrating operations to the cloud is almost always more cost-efficient and processes are easier to run. Klika DevOps can move servers to the cloud to facilitate access to data, automation and overall performance.

Continuous Testing

Klika DevOps evaluates software quality constantly, leaving little to no room for mistakes. Any change is tested (almost) immediately clearing the way for deployment.


Our DevOps make sure security processes are automated, the right tools are used and security policies are implemented.  We scan for potential vulnerabilities and risks and reassess throughout the software development life cycle to address issues early on and remove real and potential threats before they even happen.


Our monitoring practices allow access to real-time data regarding changes to apps, services, and other system parts in the production environment. This lets all relevant parties have an insight into real-time data, which is often crucial for decision-making.

Code Management

Our DevOps experts make sure to provide a clear path for the development and operations teams, which is especially vital in multi-team environments.

Tools we use

Azure DEvops
AWS CodePipeline
AWS CodeBuild
Microsoft Azure
Amazon CloudWatch

How we work?

We configure agile project management tools to fit your business needs and manage development efficiently.

We configure alerting and monitoring in the production environment.

We make sure seamless deployment pipelines are in place, using CI and CD as a part of the production deployment strategy.

We adhere to the best software development practices and modify core development infrastructure accordingly, encouraging trunk-based development, container architecture, code scanning and more.

We provide a best practices guide for the development team that consists of desirable toolkits, modern development practices, testing frameworks and other information vital for a successful release.

Why us?

Deep expertise in a variety of technologies

From Auzre and cloud to Jenkins, Docker, Selenium and others, Klika DevOps experts can give valuable advice on which tech stacks work best for which platforms.

A best practices approach

Klika fosters an agile approach, which is reinforced with DevOps practices that allow us to respond to changes and make adjustments as soon as new needs emerge.

End-to-end service and integration

We can build, run and manage entire end-to-end delivery pipelines and integrate delivery systems with fully automated solutions.

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