We use C and C++ to build reliable and high-performing systems

We rely on C/C++ for the most demanding IoT projects.

Add an extra layer of security and reliability with the highly convenient C/C++ tools.

The range of available libraries, tools and development environments, as well as compatibility with widely used microcontrollers are some of the aspects that make C/C++ a popular choice for developing complex hardware and firmware components that support different apps, systems and IoT products.

With 10+years of experience in C/C++, Klika embedded developers can help you take full advantage of the speed, scalability and flexibility that comes with C/C++, with a special emphasis on hardware and firmware designs and sophisticated IoT solutions.

Highly suitable for building smart apps and sensors, these programming languages quickly became the go-to tool in complex IoT and embedded systems solutions. Another advantage of the C language suite is their longevity, as they are designed to operate for a long period of time, allowing products to last longer.

Proficient in architecture design, cloud integration, smart app development, QA testing and prototyping with C/C++, Klika can help you redesign and tweak your current C/C++ -based products or build new ones.

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Expertise we offer

Embedded Firmware/Software Architecture Design

Our teams have extensive experience in designing and developing embedded firmware and embedded software architecture. We design and develop bare-metal and RTOS-based applications for embedded firmware, ensuring speed, reliability and security. For embedded software development, we rely on microservice-based architecture, providing highly scalable and flexible solutions that can adapt to changing business needs.

Board Support Package and Hardware Abstraction Layer

To make the software compatible with the hardware, we build customized BSPs, including drivers and modules enabling your OS to run on the CPU architecture. Our teams also specialize in creating embedded applications that are hardware-independent by utilizing hardware abstraction layers (HAL). This approach allows us to develop applications that are highly flexible, easily upgradable, and optimized for maximum performance.

Linux Kernel Driver Development

We develop Linux kernel drivers for different embedded devices that use high-power processors. Klika embedded experts can modify and customize drivers for all kinds of industry-specific systems and devices. From low-level hardware interfacing to high-level software integration, our engineers can help you understand thevoverall architecture of the Linux kernel and how user-space applications interact with it. They are well trained in configuring, building and installing Linux kernel on embedded systems.

IoT development

Experienced in building IoT applications using various programming languages such as C, C++ and Python, we provide end-to-end solutions from hardware design and cloud integration to mobile/web applications. With expertise in various connectivity protocols such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular networks, we can help establish secure and reliable communication channels between IoT devices and other systems. We also design and prototype custom circuit boards and can select the appropriate hardware components for you.

Linux services for embedded app development

Linux is the no. 1 choice for embedded apps, and Klika’s highly trained experts can help you get the most out of it, whether you are looking for a complete app design, readjustments and/or optimization. Klika experts can produce hardware-specific code in C++, which helps the team manage all the complex processes and embedded systems.

Middleware services

We deliver embedded engineering services from prototyping, BSP customization, drivers, and middleware to embedded applications. With a deep understanding of programming languages, communication interfaces and protocols (like BLE, WiFi, USB, CAN, UART, I2C, SPI, etc.), our team can design and implement middleware solutions that ensure frictionless communication between apps and the operating system.

Embedded Software/ Firmware Consulting

Whether your firmware is not working properly or you need driver support for new hardware, the multidisciplinary Klika team can help you troubleshoot issues and identify the best ways to proceed. From expanding your system’s capabilities with new functionalities to refactoring and/or redesigning your embedded software, we make sure to present you with the best options available today.

Embedded device testing

QA is part of our standard practice, and Klika uses a variety of toolkits and QA proven practices to ensure your embedded product is market-ready. Having dedicated QAs on our teams, we assist with testing, validating and fixing issues regarding prototypes and embedded devices. We build custom and automated testing tools to gather and analyze data to detect any potential software or hardware problems.

GUI for embedded apps

We are experienced in developing embedded GUI applications that are compatible with a variety of hardware platforms. Using libraries, like LVGL, we are able to provide you with neat and highly responsive GUI apps for any embedded device.

Tools we use


Our clients

Klika’s powerful technology supports a market-leading smart bed retailer

We are the core development team behind a successful retailer that builds smart beds run on IoT technology, collecting and handling billions of biometric data on a daily basis. We designed the hardware and firmware of the IoT device, developed native mobile apps, a web application, and built a cloud-enabled IoT ecosystem for multiple devices that interconnect.

How we work?

We write and test the code

Writing code for embedded systems can be a complex process and we will make sure to develop a sound business logic with high-performing functionalities. Additionally, we perform QA tests, automated, as well as manual, to make sure everything is up to the highest standards.

Deployment and integration

Once the product is deployed to production, we will monitor the configuration and make sure the system is compatible and integrated with third parties and performs at optimum capacity.

Klika will specify the requirements together with you

Based on your scope of requirements and needs, we will create a technical specification including a budget, timeline, and the technologies to be used.

Support and maintenance

Klika experts remain available for regular upkeep, reconfiguration or any additional upgrades.

Why us?

Industry-specific knowledge

We combine business domain experience, broad technical expertise and a quality-driven delivery model to create innovative solutions. We have experience in building IoT devices and matching web and mobile apps in a number of industries, mostly health and wellness.

Agility and transparency

We let you fully in on the project’s progress, providing regular customer demos and updates on the project milestones. Our embedded team works closely with our clients to make sure prototypes and development stages go according to plan. 

High-quality hardware and firmware design at optimum cost

We make sure every part fits perfectly and all components are configured, tested and ready for use.

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